About Natalia Kuna

Natalia Kuna is a lightworker, teacher, writer and Angel Intuitive,™ certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. For those of you not familiar with Doreen Virtue, she is an internationally well-regarded and published metaphysical author, clairvoyant/medium and teacher who connects with the angels and other beings of the Light.

Natalia is what you would call a ‘sensitive’ or ’empath’, with a natural ability to pick up on the energy of people, places or situations. Her predominant psychic gift is that
of ‘clairsentience’, meaning that she ‘feels’ and receives information or energy through physical sensations. She also at times connects psychically through hearing specific words, sentences or sounds (clairaudience), seeing visual images (clairvoyance), or through having a sense of ‘knowing’ about something (claircognizance).

In Natalia’s angel work, she connects to Source / God / Universal Divine Energy and the angelic realm to give intuitive angel card readings, using oracle card decks that are
positively imbued with Love & Light. She uses the cards as well as her extra sensory perceptions to give insight and guidance. All messages are positive and loving, authentic and practical, and offer insights on what you need to know at the present time. Sometimes past issues will come up for you to understand how they affect your life at present, and Natalia will work with the angels to heal, clear and cut cords with whatever is needed. She may look at obstacles possibly blocking your path, and potential future outcomes based on current patterns or anything that needs to change / heal / release.

Natalia Kuna also works as an English Teacher and Tutor and is currently writing a book proposal for Hay House, her favourite publisher, and the world’s leading publisher in the self-empowernment field. Natalia also gives Creative Writing workshops, and is
writing adults and  childrens’ books that intend to inspire, awaken, delight and transform; as well as a series of educational workbooks aimed at helping primary
school-aged children with English and Creative Writing.

You can learn more about Natalia on her website:

www.nataliakuna.com                   https://www.facebook.com/NataliaKuna

https://twitter.com/NataliaKuna     http://www.youtube.com/magicalintuition

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