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Heres my Nov reading on You Tube:

Below is my channeling with the angels and ascended master Lady Nada:

When you find it hard to make a decision, deal with an ‘issue’, or simply doubt yourself and / or the world, take a good moment to get calm, centred and in a more peaceful state of mind. The angels remind you how simple the link with spirit can be:

“It is natural, inherent, God-given. Answers lie in your heart, and are coded deep within in your soul. Your very own essence, your personal code, carries this ‘truth’.

Step back from the constant chaos and mahem created by the world around you and also by your own mind, and admire the innermost recesses of your heart, hear it speak. For it knows, dear child, that the voice within you is strong. It is powerful. It is radiant. It is divine. And, as a child of God, so too do you have this divine imprint in you.

You are supported, you are encouraged, you are embraced by the angels around you, for we are here, do you not see our faces in images around you (ie: in cards, art, books, statues, online etc), do you not hear our voices in fine, spiritually-aligned tunes, do you not feel our presence at the utmost hour of of the day when you are still and sit with peace of mind, for we are here, nestling on your doorstep….

If you feel lost, aloof, alone or at a ‘dis-cord’ with the goings on and motions in your life, or even with your ‘Self’, with God, with Spirit…. take a moment to remember, dear one, that we are all one, that you are not alone, that there are many many mystical expolarations to be had that all lead (eventually, at each one’s own pace) to the one almighty truth of the ever-presence of God and your own connnection to God-self.

Sit, dear ones, in reverie, count your blessings in silence, pray to your soul and reach out to others, have faith and carry on with thy swords of flame that burns with such passion, desire and cries of (be)longing.

Carry your sword well and proudly and venture forth knowing that your upbringing, your forthcoming, your fallings short, your filtered realities, are but speckles in the galaxies, confused and side-tracking musings of your human mind. And know that that is a mere microcosm compared with the magntitude and splendour of the universe, yet you are connected, you are real, you are source, you are true.

You are an energy unto yourself, yet from something seemingly so far away, yet it is so near, almost tangible, yet you reach out your hand and doubt when you cannot touch the embers, fire, and aethers that guide, expand and nourish your very soul.

We understand, we hear you and we implore you to remember that as we are one, we breathe an eternal flame of breath that continues forever more.

You are safe, you are loved, you are an expression of the divine that is not linear (chorus of angelic laughter), but profoundly spacious in the expanse of time and space as you know it. Expanded realities wait before you, dear ones, and at the time when YOU are ready (for each soul has its own radiance, compass and map), there are gateways and portals for you to enter. They are doorways. Will you be ready to walk through?”