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Angel Message for Librans in October

Key Words:•detach from drama
•stand strong
•firm foundations
•self power
•inner and outer strength
•yoga and stretch

Librans in October are asked to take a stance for themselves (and their families, homes), and say no to drama. So much strength and power can be summoned and fuelled when you raise your hand and say no. This is about standing your ground and CHOOSING (as it is a choice) to stay in the light and not get involved in issues which may be swirling around you or existing in some form in your life.

There is much STRENGTH in your CHOICE to say NO and stand by firm boundaries loudly, boldly and clearly.

You can also visualise yourself and your home, family, workplace as a strong foundation that can not be broken down or infiltrated in any way. So I am talking boulders and those big firm pillars and structures you see in classical architectures.

Once you have made that firm foundation, now you can go inwards, into your inner temple that is safe, resilient and protected. Time to not only build from your inner power and wisdom by going in and accessing and developing that awareness, but also strengthen your psychical body through yoga, pilates, or even simple stretching. So make it a goal this month to stretch.

In October you will feel even more powerful when you step into hearty joy and laughter. This is about uplifting your spirits and raising your vibrations from the gut. I’m feeling the solar plexus and lower chakras (so yellow, orange and red) are key colours for you to work with this month, have around you, and visualise healing for those chakras.

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