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So interesting to look at the picture and especially the symbol of the scales that is associated with the star sign Libra. Librans find it hard to make decisions or take sides. They are peacemakers, libertarians, justice – bearers.

They need to find balance, truth and justice in their lives and in relationships and situations.

Born: Sept 23 – October 22
Sign: Scales
Element: Air
Birthstone: sapphire (September), opal (October)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Body Part: lower back, kidneys, lumbar region
Famous Virgos: Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Smith

With Venus as the ruling planet, Librans can idealise love. As air changes direction a lot, so can Librans change their minds.

Positive Traits:

love peace, harmony, balance, justice, are very diplomatic, just, fair, kind, love beauty and appreciate aesthetics, artistic, romantic, charismatic, graceful, idealistic, hey love ‘love’, charming, captivating, cute, seek balance (hence the scales), don’t like to disappoint people, intelligent, intuitive, elegant, sociable, easy-going, love fantasy, co-operative

Negative Traits:

can detach themselves, retreat, or appear detached, as they do not want to take sides or ‘displease’, are people-pleasers, avoid conflict or confrontation, often are ‘on the fence’, find it hard to make a choice or decision, can easily get influenced, can be indecisive, changeable, irresolute, contradictory or two-sided, run out of energy, superficial, untrustworthy, unreliable, confused, self-indulgent

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