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take_a_smile_tagsI am a great believer of giving and doing random acts of kindness. It is such a joy. Whenever I can, I give, and it always brings a smile to my face and nourished my heart. It feels so true and uplifting. It is amazing how much love energy can be spread by a singly gesture, and just how far it can reach. The whole notion of ‘paying it forward’ encapsulates the snowball effect and on top of that, this positive experiential karma eventually comes back to you in surprisingly delightful ways. I encourage you this month to perform a random act of kindness – just watch that you do not burn yourelf out or give reluctantly, or out of fear – don’t be an overgiver, unless it brings you the utmost joy and positive energy – try to find the balance.


Here are some ideas of what you can do:
•make a sign like the one in the picture and hang it on public noticeboards or at work (lol)
•pay for the coffee of the person next to you in line
•buy something useful and easy to give away to strangers (I like to do this with movie tickets)
•smile to strangers (be safe)
•buy flowers for someone
•give people authentic compliments
•offer your talents or services
•help in a soup kitchen
•give to charity or someone in need
•mentor a person in need
You can actually say you are performing a random act of kindness, or that you believe in paying it forward.

Do you have any stories of when you performed an act of random or thoughtful kindness? Please share on Facebook or email me. Or perhaps you have some ideas to share with others…

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