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CELESTITE: “Stone of Heaven”

The angels are very gently yet loudly bringing celestite forward this month. It is a beautiful soft, translucent blue (though it can be other colours too) with a pearly like lustre. It is extremely and delightfully ethereal-like. It’s name aptly comes from the Latin “caelestis” meaning “celestial” or “heavenly.”

It has also been called the “Stone of Heaven”, said to have been created through the angelic music of the by celestial choirs. Its element is ‘air’.

Celestite is simply IMBUED and RADIATING with ANGELIC ENERGY… I would say that it is a magical stone of divinity and enlightenment…

The message I am getting here is that it is time to be fully emerged and encompassed in the beautiful bright wings of the angels. I am feeling that it is not only originally a gift from the angels, but they are especially now bringing it into our consciousness in our ‘new age’ as a tool to help us not only believe and be elevated, but also to teach us and open up new levels of spiritual development, which is perfect for this time we are currently in! We are also guided to be patient and remember that all works out in perfect timing so trust, trust, trust!

Some have also linked this beautiful crystal with a cluster of 7 stars in the Pleiades star system. So it has very mystical star-like qualities to it.

The beautiful soft grey/blue makes it incredibly calming, cooling and uplifting, aiding in giving not only a sense of serenity but also mental clarity and balance. It cools the emotions and dispels worries. The angels are now analogising this with the colour of soft baby blue in many hospital, clinic or wellness centre walls. It is by no coincidence. Blue is a very soulfully resonating healing colour that brings harmony, balance, alignment and peace. It is wonderful to place in a room to promote peace and high vibrations. You can use to help you to ease any stress, conflict or disharmony in your home or relationships. It will bring a deep level of peace, oneness and harmony and provide a safe platform for communication and resolution.

It purifies your chakras and helps eliminate toxins as well as clear the cells. Being a blue stone, it is wonderfully healing in a gentle way for the aura and the crown chakra especially, as well as the throat chakra (also perfect for writers and other communicators or anyone needing to strengthen and heal their throat chakra). It is wonderful for promoting creativity.

As a gentle spiritual stone it will make you feel heavenly and floaty. It gently builds your psychic and spiritual connection by stimulating and developing your psychic senses (especially clairvoyance) and spiritual communication. It is great for astral travel and dream recall, so a beautiful crystal to keep under your pillow or by your bedside with a journal and pen.

Even if you look at a picture of this crystal, you will feel and see its loving, magical, comforting angelic qualities. Placing it around you will attract angelic energy. It naturally gives access to the heavenly realm of the angels, and helps you link in with divine angelic wisdom. It works to raise your consciousness and promote a greater connection to your guardian angel and spirit guides, and allow swift access to angelic light. It is a wonderful crystal to look at, hold and meditate with. It is the perfect tool to aid in channelling, psychic and healing work.

It is a very safe crystal that gently encourages and calms you, to helping you rebuild your inner strength, connection to the divine and higher beings, and the wisdom of your own higher self.

If you are a Pisces or Gemini then this is the perfect crystal for your astrological sign.

This is one of those crystals best kept out of the sun as it can fade.

Natalia Kuna ~ Intuitive Reader

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