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Poetry is a beautiful form of writing where your thoughts can be let loose to flow freely. Many writers, songwriters/musicians and artists channel naturally and tap into Divine inspiration.

Below is a poem I recently wrote about the awakening process.

Alternatively, to experience a sacred, calming a video version of this poem, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gUKYmvhCfn4

“Matrix of Hidden Knowing”

My thoughts
Push against the willows
Of my mind.

Surfacing again
Seemingly in unison
Metamorphosing into

Making themselves known
Amidst the darkness of night
Revealing hidden stories
Of an eternal inner plight.

For who would really know
The treasures beyond the grave
More than the hidden voice
Springing forth from their plague.

Cushioned in their depths
They know no escape
Yet coiling into position
They form a serpent snake.

A burden on the human
Each thought a complex mesh
Sewn in a matrix
That gnaws at bones and flesh.

Time to dig the trenches
Of the encumbered mind
To find a golden pathway
Entrenched with in its shrine.

Explore the hidden depths
In merciless terrain
To discover truth and light
Past the torrids and the rain.

Wash away those torrential tears
Hardened into stone
Crack away the surface
To reveal the sacred tone.

That vibrates a mystical beat
Alongside the trouncing heart
Dig up past the twining veins
And obstacles of one’s hearth.

To find the voice with in
Past the idleness of time
Conglomerations of 3D days
That play out an endless mime.

And hold on to that song of life
Like a golden flute of lore
Trumpeting its winnings and misfortunes
And hidden truths galore.

So find that voice with in you
And handle it with care
Let it out in ritual
And wholeheartedly declare.

That from this moment forth
Your tongue shall speak with glory
Without its shackles or its veils
To tell its bona fide story.

Now that it’s unleashed a precious code
Of such reconcile knowing
Let it be your navigational guide
A torch that keeps you going.

Lit by the flame of your inner fire
That burns from deep inside
Past the mists of space and time
An awakening you no longer can hide.

And as you state this fair conviction
With confident acquiesce
You’ll find new paths emerging
That give you wisdom at its best.

For a cornucopia of heaven
Is waiting at your door
If only you turn the handle
And be ready to explore.

By Natalia Kuna
Intuitive Reader, Writer