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I get a lot of questions from people about how they can develop their spiritual awareness. Here are some tips and suggestions:

~ stay true to you
~ look deep within and find the truth in your heart
~ if you feel alone in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and discoveries, do not worry, draw upon your own strength and inner resources and trust in your heart
~ begin to find likeminded people whether that be in safe online communities, groups, pages etc, or start to try new courses, workshops, groups in your area or city
~ take it one step at a time
~ give yourself a pat on the back for your journey thus far
~ release your past
~ truly work to forgive yourself and others
~ develop a daily spiritual practise that feels true and achievable to you
~ make a sacred space, whether that be a small corner of your room or a shelf, or a whole dedicated area – spend time there often
~ start each day taking centred, mindful breaths
~ meditate when you can, even if that means just 5 minutes of stillness (in your room, car, or work toilet if you have to lol
~ practise visualisation
~ set CLEAR intentions for yourself and declare them to the universe, and/or any beings, deities etc that you feel drawn to
~ go out into nature, just listen to the sounds of birds, the wind etc, develop a sense of ‘awareness’
~ do not be hard on yourself
~ follow your heart and whatever you are drawn to, even if it is different every day
~ search online, watch more you tube vids on spiritual topics
~ work on developing your sense of awareness of what is around you, notice signs and synchronicities
~ see where the angels guide you, and don’t forget to ask for their guidance
~ stay well centred, protected and grounded
~ speak to God, the angels, your higher self often
~ work on coming from a place of peace in all areas of your life
~ remember life is a journey and its okay to make mistakes
~ do not seek to be ‘perfect’
~ you have all the wisdom within!

I will be helping people develop their spirituality in various ways in my 1:1 Skype sessions commencing in early 2014. More details here: http://www.nataliakuna.com/spiritual-coaching-services.html

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Natalia Kuna