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For September, there is a lot of fire energy…. the angels are saying to keep your energy clear. Notice how others affect your energy, and the toxins that you are carrying around with you. They are linking that with through a part of this card below.

They are saying that in this instance, the red swirling fire energy is metaphorically representing a ‘bib’. They are using that analogy for you to understand just how much toxicity we carry with us. Imagine how much better she would feel with the bib taken off and her aura all cleared.

Another message for this month, is to ‘hold your ground’ like a king or a queen. This is about not letting anything affect you at all, or anyone stepping on your toes so to speak. This means staying strong and holding your energy, keeping your energy clear and intending with your full intent that nothing will bother or enter your sphere.

You may have to amp up your spiritual cloaking/protection by allowing Archangel Michael to assist you with shielding and cord cutting. It is important also that you show respect to others through your words, deeds and actions as well as intentions for others to treat you with respect. Stay centred, balanced and stabilised like a rock. Visualise four strong colossal pillars around you, with you in the middle.

Others might be drawn to you or recognise you a trustworthy, wise, compassionate person – they may come to you for advice, or you may seek it in another. You might find someone of that character coming into your life.


In my Intuitive Angel Reading for Sept video (Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=upkWN6lgXA0 Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUD0myK3PcAdQRkNslrw5PDg&v=oKnwwvQHthk&feature=player_detailpage )

I explain how the angels came through with a message while I was looking at the card, and they also mention a portal. Find quiet time to meditate / look deep within the picture. Here is a synopsis of what came through, with the channelling parts in quotation and italics:

The angels are saying much through the energy of this card, so look deeply into it. They say:

“You are becoming more you, of the you-your-self, deep inside the crevices of your heart. Look deep within, Dear Ones, it is safe for u to do so; and in so doing you will see the flower begin to bloom as well as nurture the seed of grace of what you are becoming.

Do not be afraid, Dear Ones, to open up your petals and explore the realms within that exude an exuberance you are only beginning to fathom. So go explore the depths and the fragrances shall emerge in the winds of the night like a beacon hovering in the midst/mist (angels are playing with the nuances and synergy between the two words, which they tend to do at times).

And from the nectar of life a new you shall emerge more glorious than the you before, like a sun emerging forwards with all its power, radiating a glow and a temperance. So u shall bore a birth of victory where ‘ye shall come out and rise forward’….
You are in the midst of the horizon and we wish to honour you and your journey thus far. Be proud. Be merry. Be free.”

The angels are wishing to impress upon you ‘codes’ and messages through this image. See the stars and purple galaxy in the backdrop. They say :

“There is a ‘portal’ for you to go within and when you walk through the portal with your mind / imagination, it will take you to otherworldly realms that are indeed quite real.”

They also point out the yellow of the flower and link it to your soul, your divinity, your solar plexus, the sun. They want you to really see how this female so gloriously opens her unravelling cape which is the large petals which are still a little unfurled, and she looks down; however she is ‘resplendid’ and ‘proud’.

They are pointing out a synthesis between the two worlds of the sensitivity, vulnerability (and I’m feeling some people are extra sensitive or vulnerable right now or during September), purity (white) and introspective shyness, with the uprising of the sun and the flower promising a resurgence of confidence and glory.

Then we have the endless possibilities and mystical, cosmic magic offered my the astral backdrop. Spirituality is heightened in the purple tones and the reds suggest the fire element of passion, creativity and feminine power. There is a sense of balance and grounding within this emergence.

Blessings to you all, Natalia Kuna http://www.nataliakuna.com http://www.facebook.com/nataliakuna