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This August, take some silent meditative time to yourself thinking about simple yet profound questions such as:

What have you been experiencing in your life and what are you wanting to change?

What are you resisting?

What is resisting your forward path?

Does it come from you internally, or someone or something outside of yourself?

Breathe out whatever you are holding on to or that is holding you back.

Do you feel that you are in the ‘in between world’ hanging in suspense? This is a time of ‘moving on’ – it is time to take a leap of faith. The divine sense of ‘perfect timing’ will be running through this month.

You are awaking ancient wisdom within you, a deep sense of inner knowing that is emerging within us all.

You may or may not be feeling that right now or tapping in, but the power and energy is there for us, we each hold it with in ourselves, when we are ready — but be careful of doubting yourself or procrastinating!!!

“I don’t want anybody to cling to me, to be attached to me in any way. My whole effort is to give you total freedom, and methods so that whatever you want, you can create it within yourself. Not even God is needed, nothing is needed ― you are enough unto yourself.” – Osho

I feel the same way as that quote!! So trust and follow your intuition. Be receptive and allow information to come to you. Accept what is and look forward to a new, long anticipated ‘lightness’. It is time to really remember who you beyond the surface coverings, defense-mechanisms, doubt, fears and illusions. You are embarking on a new adventure.

Clearing clutter during this time lightens the load, clears the slate and opens new pathways. It is a time of fertility and prosperity – with new open doorways. Trust in the process and know that you are in that flow. Pay attention to any unexpected opportunities and trust in your divine heart.

Natalia Kuna