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Deep message from angels – This week honour and trust your feelings. It is about expressing your feelings with love. I am feeling the throat chakra as well as the heart and your need to communicate and express in honest heartfelt ways. The angels r right now showing me that they r drawing a bridge between you and a loved one (whether here or in spirit) in order to provide a canvas on which u can heal and transform a relationship or situation which needs healing and repair. You will know exactly who / what this is for you. Do not doubt it. Angels r acknowledging sadness in your soul and saying they will sew with fine etheric thread a lace between you both like an interweaving tapestry that paints each others stories but provides strength and healing through the power of understanding the binding premets of unconditional love. They will take u under your wings and heal you. Also i am hearing for someone this means the bringing of *justice*. They really want someone to know that. And i am seeing/ hearing ‘sparrows’ and an acknowledgment of sorrow you are suffering and the rivers of your life that create tears on your veils. U r a vessel for all the emotions and sorrows of your life and they are wanting to embrace, comfort and support u as well as clear your ship inside and out so that u can b a more pure vessel or canvas on which to paint sunshine, rainbows and happy smiles. Angels r also adding that they r ‘sewing the blankets of time’.

Early this week take time out for yourself. When we get preoccupied with other peoples needs or things we need to do, we can forget about ourselves. Spend some time *loving*, cherishing and honouring your self. Allow yourself to give yourself time for you. Also know that u r on the right path and that a path is unfolding for you. You can work with Archangel Michael through thought and prayer to motivate and guide you, to give you CONFIDENCE and COURAGE (feeling those words strongly for some of u out there). If there is a change you need to make to improve your health, life, career, relationships etc then he is nudging you to do so. Call upon Michael to protect and guide you now. All it takes is a single breath, thought, intention…

Mid Week energies r pointing to new beginnings dawning on your horizon. This fresh new start acknowledges lots of clearing and healing as you release the past. Youve been going through so many life changes and the angels acknowledge this as well as work on any extra sadness or baggage you are holding within yourself. They also want you to know that it is so safe for you to open up and explore your own wisdom and sense of power. Claiming back your power allows you to move fwd with strength in your heart and this does benefit not only yourself and your esteem/ self worth which is so important, but also others around you. If u r someone’s role model (such as a parent to a child, a mentor, friend etc), know that u r called to honour and strengthen yourself and in so doing you are guiding, inspiring and providing security and helpful mentorship to those who look up to u or r in your care.

This late week it is clear u r at an end of a cycle for u as an individual. Im feeling a sense of aloneness for some of you, or a lull before the next step. Time still, to yourself helps you connect with real guidance that shows you the next step, however large or small. Divine guidance is only a thought or breath away. You can call upon my fave Archangel – Saint Michael, to help keep your doubting ego / fear thoughts at bay so that u can more clearly hear the voice and call of the angels and also trust in your own wisdom. Let him boost your confidence and trust in your own self as well as the workings of God.

Written by Natalia Kuna