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As we come through the other side of recent powerful energies culminating in the June Solstice and Super Full Moon, we are now easing into another fresh new change or ‘shift’. In the meantime, as energy goes through its fluctuations, there may be situations where you feel like you are ‘butting heads’ with someone or something. There may be a sense of stalemate, or a crossroads. There may be fights, disagreements, or the feeling of not being heard or someone (or a group or community of some sort, or society as a whole) not seeing your point of view. This is all stuff coming to the surface to heal and let go of. I always say that when you go through these periods, just let it all flow out, release and be gentle with yourself.

There is always a renaissance after the storm – the fresh dewy morning mist of new things to come.

So this July, stand strong and stand your ground, keep the light and truth as your focus, stay centred and grounded as much as possible, go with the flow and the rest will take care of itself.

It’s also a reminder to not get swayed by other people and their energy. We have been getting so many energy reminders, Spirit is really saying it loud and clear: protect your energy, clear and shield!!

Don’t forget that we are now in mercury retrograde until July 20th. Use this period to tie up any loose ends, get onto your business – your personal daily affairs, and your greater life purpose. This period will also intensify current energetic patterns of revealing what was once hidden. For more info re how retrogrades influence us, click here.

In this month’s You Tube video, I demonstrate how you can get more detail in a reading by using multiple decks of cards. One of my intentions in making these videos is to help people with tips on how to do your own readings, and I will be sharing much more about that in the future. I mention how July brings about a change after June’s Solstice and super full moon energies. Its about letting things flow and embracing change as you gain inner awareness, and plant the seeds for the future. If you haven’t already, watch my Intuitive Angel Reading for July on You Tube:

Watch as a new you emerges and breaks through. Windows are opening past the ‘fog’. Also notice the colour purple as a representation of the spiritual realms. Much wisdom is gained from solitude and taking it easy and by the end of the month things should be clearing up nicely with a powerful culmination.

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