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Wow, what a powerful time we have just past. I feel the recent Solstice and Super Full Moon has lifted us up and kicked us forward with an open space of freshness and new beginnings. Some of you might have had headaches, muscle pain etc, or been emotional, with reflections of odd memories and feelings from the past coming forward in your mind and heart as things lifted up to the surface – was that you? Now lets see what energies and messages are coming forth this week as we come to the other end of this powerful shift…

Theme for the Week: The promise of a new dawn, the breaking of barriers to reveal truth, light, and a new expansion. A powerful new energy dawning that is bringing expansion, awareness, growth. An unfurling of the old, and  growth of the new. A movement beyond limitations, into  fresh joy and above all else, freedom of self and freedom of ‘mankind’…


Mon/Tue: I love when there has been a moon phase and then the moon image is shown in the cards loud and clear, and that is what has happened today, very literally, as you can see in the image. It is in the first card, which represents early this week, and also it phases out as things unfold in the second card, for mid week. There is a grande sense of completion, like this particular super full moon has brought about a great change, a kind of metamorphosis. One old phase is clearly over and now we look forward to a new dawn. This is also about light, dark and the shadows in between. I am drawn to analogise with how a whole room once dark can be lit up with a single match, and so you too can draw your light outwards through thought, intention and prayer, and as a planet, we can do this together.

This early week, think about how you can make a difference in the world, and how far your light can shine. Give your energy to the world in some positive world, and know in your heart it has ripple effects.

Keep the big picture in mind, and stay strong in the knowledge that their is colossal divine angelic help happening on a global, universal scale.

Wed/Thu: Now we are going through a period of global as well as individual unfoldment as layers are opened and revealed to show a new light and day. This also heralds a feeling of disclosure, things happening behind the scenes, truth emerging, perhaps in the media, or amongst underground cyber communities. And on a personal level. A light is shined in the dark, and the shadows reveal secrets.

Spend some sacred time with yourself, in bliss and self care – bubble baths and nurturing, let yourself embrace bliss and luxurious self care.

Fri/Sat/Sun: We start to breathe a new breath of life. A fresh new beginning symbolised by a fertile green forest. This is about starting afresh and enjoying blossoming new beginnings that have risen following the recent full moon. we are on the nice side of the cycle. Keep in mind there is an ongoing feeling of sacred truths and hidden secrets continuing to be revealed. Keep your knowledge and strength in your knowing. I am being told the old is being washed away!!!


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