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secret - surface cardTheme for the Week: What has been deeply hidden, is coming out from its depths to the surface. This can signify such exposure, healing, stirrings, whether it be on a global level, in the social, political, business, fiscal, religious, or other arenas; or on a very deeply personal level. If you have some deeply buried secrets, no matter how big or small, whatever shape or form, do you feel them stirring in your heart, saying:

“It’s time to address me, look at me, release me, expose me. It’s okay, it is safe to do so. Let me go. For we do not belong here any more, it is time for us to go, it is time, and in releasing us, you shall set your spirit free. Do not worry, dear ones, do not fear. The time has come to release and forgive, to cleanse your hearts with a shower of gold essence, and look up to the stars, for we are here, and we are many…” 

I feel that if we are aligned, meaning grounded, centred, and in tune with ourselves and the outer universe, we will wether any storm and go through our own deep cleansing on a level of a greater resonating frequency/vibration. If you picture yourself standing firmly, confidently, clairsentiently against a solid tree, grounded and centred internally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Strong, centred and at peace, with our bodies and energetic system (chakras) fully aligned, open, and clear, and our souls and hearts centred vibrantly and purely with the support and through the soul’s essence of the sun – our inner vision guided, expanded and exploring all possibilities by the stars pulsating above our crown.

So this week, and forevermore, work centring yourself, aligning your thoughts, mind, emotions and spirit, and see how that filters outwards, like rays of sunshine – see how that affects all you approach, all that comes to you through out your day. Let things filter through you and not ‘at’ you.

A stone we are guided to work with this week to bring about great protection and inner wisdom of a high frequency, is amethyst. Have it near you, on you to boost your spiritual vision. I suggest that this be a week of reflections for you. Reflect. Reflect. Reflect. Journal. Reflect. Let it flow.

Mon/Tue: As a sub-message of things coming to the surface, and with the theme of ‘secrets’ for this week, I feel like the chicks are hatching out of the egg – what has been contained and hidden, is now coming out to the surface to be revealed, processed, exposed in powerful, sacred, truthful ways. Things cannot be contained any longer. Think of it as a vessel with overflowing water that cannot keep the contents contained. There comes a point where the vessel cracks, opens, and all pours out. That is its natural path. For the water must flow. All of its wisdom cannot be contained. Truth will always come to the light. So think about what this represents to you, and also reflect on the symbol of 1. water and 2. the ‘cross’ – what does it mean to you? Meditate upon all its personal and universal associations, and also look beyond that – the four points, what do they represent to you, the sense of ‘crossing over’ of the two lines, what does that mean to you? Reflect, and trust what you get. Think deeply…

Wed/Thu: What does ‘God’ mean for you? Perhaps you have another term for it. Let ‘God Source’ – that energy that interweaves through and connects us all, be the CENTRE of your life, mind, heart and soul. Let that God essence guide, protect and heal you. Be God. As you ARE God, that is what is meant by that spiritual term you may have heard: “I AM”… Let God be at the centre of you. Let it be your light and guiding force. Let everything you do, breathe and feel come from your heart and your gut, your inner essence, your core. Be from this place. This is what we are all guided to do now, and also to let that practise become our new reality…

Angelic Channelling:

“For birth will you a new era for yourself. This will shine out and be reflected to others. Let that light shine, let it pour. Let it engulf and encompass yourself and others. It all starts as a seed and then it grows, as you have, dear human. Let that light within you, for it is within us all, radiate a new day where you be and live in your heart – and let that heart guide you. For it is your inner essence that shines and that is real, more real than the skin on your face, your teeth and your hair. Know that when you smile from the depths of your heart, it is not your teeth that shine, but your heart, your soul, your divine essence, and that essence is in us all – so don’t let outside surfaces and situations define who you are, but be in the light. Be THE light, let that light be your beacon, and you shall forever have a light before you, shining its way ahead like a beacon in  the night, let it shine, and let it guide you like the stars have for eons guided Man.

Inside each of us we have a pearl that contains all wisdom, far more than you can ever imagine. Time to lift up the lid of that tough oyster exterior, and look at the wisdom of the pearl within. Be that pearl. And as pearls are strung together to make a necklace around a woman’s heart or neck, so too shall we all unite, into a consciousness that far exceeds all you have known before, one that is high, sublime and uniting like an almighty force within and between you. Feel that force, for it is strong and ever-present and it guides us all, for WE ARE  that force, and we are ever-strong.

So come from this place every day, and at every moment, and you will see the shifts emerge, like a ship in the night before not seen, rise to the surface shall you like a buoy bouncing in the waves, there to save others, but in so doing also saving oneself. Reclaim your land, reclaim your vision, for you are you, stronger than a beam of light you are God’s essence divine and pure, radiant, sublime. Majestic. So shine that light and beam those waves. Your destiny waits before you all, long, thick and winding, beautiful like a magical path, and in, in, in you go, inside your metaphorical womb, all safe and sound. Just as a baby is protected by its mother, you too are protected by the wings of the angels, and by extending and projecting your force-field of light outwards, like rays of sun, beaming to others, you shall shine the way from your heart for yourself and for others, so beam, beam, beam. And write.

So as we focus on bringing out to the surface, to revealing, acknowledging, prizing, savouring, we see that we are as a baby, as an embryo growing, expanding. As we ’emerge’, we are safe, protected and whole, beautiful, sacred and Divine. Like a crystal appearing out from a rock and beaming from its pure essence simply by ‘be-ing’. We too are an almighty crystal, so get ready to expand and enjoy every moment dear Ones, for you have been waiting for this Day, and that day has come. It is today, and it is every day. It is ‘One…’ “

Fri/Sat/Sun: As you wipe away from tears, they are transposed into crystal beams of light./ Any emotional healing, revealing,  exposure, anything coming to the surface is for healing and transmutation of the highest order.

Angelic Channelling:

“Believe and trust in yourselves Dear ones, for the time is now. THE TIME IS NOW. Let these words resonate deep in your heart, for they speak of a wisdom that is a truth you have already known in other life-times, and in other life-forms, for you have been many, and had many, and as you evolve and create, and as you dance the waves of life, your heart rejoices, and it sings, as it KNOWS. It SPEAKS. It THINKS with the universal one-mind of truth and be-ing, your destiny is on a giant gold platter ready to be consumed. Enjoy every bite Dear Ones, for we are closer than a mere galaxy away – we sit in your hearts  we are here. Can you feel our presence, can you feel our beat in your hearts?

Awaken and arise from the ashes of your mind, for the truth is here for us and the truth will set us all free. Let the truth be your guide as the surface of your mind competes with the beatings of your heart. Let your heart be your number one guide. Let it beat to the drummings of the one universal mind. Let it create. Let it rejoice. Let it ‘be’. Freedom is near, and as the beacons (ie: lightworkers, earthangels) shine in the skies of your world, the pulsings, musings and beatings of your heart are seen, felt and heard by the angelic realms, for we are here, we are wise, and we are many. Such a multitude are we, like eagles flying high in the sky, yet at once so close to land – we not only watch over you, but we are with you, we are you, and you at once, are us. We are one and we are here.

Visualise yourself as a diamond in the sky, sparkling, multilayered, magnificent. WE give you the gift of this diamond be-ing and ask that you place and plant it in your heart. Feel it beam. Feel it shine. Let its resonance and vibration of the highest order  uplift you. You are Divine. We are one. Divinity connects us all.”

The bringers of the light (ie: lightworkers) know we are here, they feel it in their hearts, they beat to the drum of the universe, they know the ‘end’ is near, and so do not be afraid dear ones, for the ‘end’ is but a ‘metaphor’ and ‘energy’, and it signifies a grande arising, a celebration, a victory of all sorts. A new beginning. A new dawn – a golden horizon that has only just begun.”

By Natalia Kuna ~ ‘Bringing Intuition to You’ – Angel Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Coaching, Articles, Inspiration…

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