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The powerful Archangel Metatron has been asking us to pay attention to our chakras and energy system, including the auric field around us. He said:

“Humanity needs it right now.”

In other words, this is a message to be aware of our own energy system as well as the influence of external energy (of which there are so many kinds), to understand how deeply we can be affected by it, and how we need to regularly clear it.

 This message is also in specific reference with the shadows, recent negative media/events and world energy. By clearing your chakras, you are clearing your energy so it is not muddy, unclear and even toxic.

Metatron visually made the analogy to me with the windscreen of a car, and the notion of how much better you can see while driving, when it is clean and clear. Then,  funny how Spirit works, I got vivid reminders in my physical life. On a couple of occasions I had to drive our car in the morning after some wet, foggy, windy winter weather overnight, and I struggled to see through the windscreen.

No matter how much I wiped them with my hand, and turned the windscreen wipers on to their maximum level (to the point that they awkwardly squeeked and squealed), I still couldn’t see properly. Desparate, I even turned on the air con (the heater / demystifier thingo isn’t working), wound down our side windows, and drove my kids to school with icy breeze nipping, or rather biting, at our fresh morning faces as if we were in a snowy blizzard (I’m in Australia lol, we don’t get that kind of weather)…

Not being able to see clearly made me feel unsettled unsafe and like I did not have clear vision. This is the same for us when our chakras and auric field are down, clogged, fogged up and not working at optimum levels.
Just as you would wash your windscreen down with water and give them a good wipe, replacing the wipers as needed, so too must we service, maintain and do checks on our energy system. Just as we brush our teeth, hair and shower, so too do we need to do energy sweeps and cleans. 

           I know that this most simple advice will go a long way, especially for empaths, but also anyone who is starting to become aware, awake, conscious, or curious that there is more to earth, life and self than meets the human eye, and that our bodies are so much ore vast and elaborate than what we are taught by medicine. Thank you Metatron, this is a perfect reference to keep in our consciousness as we approach our days.
By Natalia Kuna      WWW.NATALIAKUNA.COM
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