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Lately I have been connecting with Spirit more and more, and also through my readings, so I have gathered some snippets of words and inspiration from Spirit, which is given as guidance for us during this time.

“There is magic in the wand of the pen. Keep writing as a token of your metamorphosis and gesture of your grace. The hand that writes is the doing force of your body, the outlet, the giver. Give freely with this hand of the written word and creation and watch as the words that appear form a fire of passion, meaning, and healing in your life. Let the pen burn as do your passions, and get back to that divine creative force that guides us all.”

     Keep your thoughts in a journal, note down your ideas, impressions, any experiences and nuggets of wisdom that come your way. There is much power in the written word and expressing your innermost thoughts and any outlets of creativity. There is great power in the written and spoken voice, and the courage to express ones divine self.

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.” ~ Marsha Norman

The angels are saying to pay attention to your dreams, keep a journal/notebook by your bed and record any dreams you have, examine the symbols and meaning. This will help you process, heal, develop your psychic abilities and connection to the divine cosmos and also they are saying:
     “We plant seeds of awakening in your dreams. As you sleep, much healing occurs, and through all the pain you endure in not only this life-time on earth, but also all the myriad of others, collectively you absorb all the aspects, fragments of this lifetime and past, that make you feel disconnected or at a discord – and we go about healing them and weaving them back together as you sleep and through your journey in the karmic wheel of life.
We also send whispers in your ear to guide and uplift you, ‘one step at a time’
(they were wanting those 5 words to be extra boldly highlighted to you) so your spirits can once more soar ahead and your heart move forwards to better days and nights and clearer visions in all of your celestial and human ‘bodies’: mind, body and soul, the trinity of each individual here on earth and then ultimately, collectively as a whole.” 
     The angels wish to remind us the beauty of manifesting your dreams. Like a never-ending river that flows, so do your dreams and your journey in life. Hold your dreams close to your heart, as they are an expression of what is real. It is not a fantasy of your mind to be shafted as mere ‘kids play’.
Anything you dream or believe is a creation waiting to happen. As your desires burst out from their seams, remember that you have the power within you to make them happen and to ignite the flame not only of your desires, but also the flame in your heart that burns ever so strongly and truly eternally. There is much flow in the journey of life when you let go and throw your wishes out into the universe, fully believing with your heart that they are real, tangible and activating at this very present moment with magic, fire and creative verve.
     So get to your drawing board and set your dreams free. Wild, untamed and true, those flashes of inspiration act as powerful embers lighting up the night sky with their magic, passion and radiance. Don’t give up your basket of dreams and instead focus on them with unwaivering attention and intention – then watch as they dance, sing and come alive with a spirit of their own that burns with the fuel of creation which is your imagination.
Do not dis-count’ imag-ination’, as it is really ‘images in motion’ when you step into the beat of the creative cycle that re-enacts so whimsically and yet profoundly the ever-running reel of the sacred cycle of life. Wow, thank you angels, thank you Spirit, for empowering us with such powerful words. It is my intention, that they inspire you to greatness. Your affirmation:
     “My dreams are real and they spark with the embers of creation. Their flames burn bright and my heart sings with joy at their pure, vibrant realisation.”
By Natalia Kuna – Intuitive    WWW.NATALIAKUNA.COM    www.nataliakuna.com/services     www.facebook.com/nataliakuna
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