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The angels have guided me to talk about jasper this month, for us to use it and have it around us. I didn’t know anything about the stone, and I do not have any myself.

Upon researching it, I discovered some pivotal clues as to why it would be beneficial for us right now, and how it relates to other guidance I’ve been receiving and sharing here with you.
Jasper is a very solid, grounding earth stone, related to our three lower chakras which are the sacral, base and earth chakras (thus also the earth connection). It’s vibration will help stabilise and cleanse your aura to let your energy flow more clearly and smoothly. It will give you strong spiritual grounding, and clear away toxins, pollution and even EMF.
As a protector, this stone will return any negative or dysfunctional energies to whence they came.
It is all becoming clear to me now, I have just realised that the advice of this stone has been brought forward by Archangel Metatron, who is working with me/us right this minute. . I am laughing at myself, as he is making me recall the experience I had with him several years ago, where I felt him hand me an energy ball  (spiritually known as a merkaba) to clear my chakras  – I have had this experience published in Doreen Virtue’s book “Archangels 101″ (Hay House, 2011). Click here if you’d like to read that excerpt freely online. It’s on pages 80 & 81.
So Metatron is saying that its been a long time since I have actively sought him and now is the time. His energy feels so large and all-encompassing. He is filled with light yet I get the feeling he is saying there is so much work and development that needs to be done. I am sharing this with you too, as it will relate in some way. take a moment to feel him near you right now, Close your eyes, and draw him right into your energy field. What are you experiencing? Trust in it…   I am just blown away, as I have just found out the Archangel Metatron is associated with the stone jasper, especially in relation to its function in balancing, healing and recalibrating our chakras.
The message of this stone, as channelled by Doreen Virtue in the book Crystal Therapy, is as follows:
“As a nurturer with gentle, nudging guidance… I offer respite from the chaos of daily events . I facilitate clear thinking, organisation, and completion of projects by working with you to focus through your open energy centres. Combinations of of my colours align naturally for chakra meditations and clearing.” (page 128)
In this way, the crystal supports us in clearing our energy as well as physical space; getting things done, completing projects, prioritising, putting ideas into action etc, all attributes that Metatron is also known to support us with, when we call upon him. And how apt, considering all the messages in this newsletter for June.

I also love sharing the way in which I personally get messages and notice the synchroncities, as it powerfully shows how interwoven with meaning and context Spirit can align us with when we are connected, aware and listening with our intuitive ear. Recently it occurred to me, that one of my purposes in life was to help others be aware and trust in their own their intuition.

Okay, I digress down a curious side street lol… back to jasper…

Jasper, as we just saw, is a very nurturing stone that supports and balances our mental , physical, emotional and spiritual selves. How interesting to note that all the various colours of jasper, from red, yellow to blue or green and so on, are associated with the colours of our main chakras – like a rainbow bridge it helps us re-align and not get diverted or off track.

It will help give you deep insight and even raise our ‘kundalini’, heal sexual imbalances, deal with problems, filter stuff, calm and balance your emotions, and even help you find justice, set boundaries and become more courageous and assertive.

There are many different forms and colours of jasper, so if you are interested, take time to learn about it further.