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Are you a Gemini or know one? Check out their personality traits below:

gemini icon

Born:  May 21 – June 21  Sign: Twins  Element: air  Ruled by: Mercury 

Positive Traits:

~ curious
~ sociable, outgoing
~ creative
~ charming
~ adaptable, versatile
~ seductive
~ intuitive
~ kind
~ fast minds
~ can be great at communicating
~ enigmatic
More Challenging Traits:
~ The notion of twins represents duality, sometimes a split personality
~ there may be conflict between how they really are and how they appear or present themselves
~ easily get bored
~ known to change their minds quickly
~ can change jobs or interest a lot
~  can appear contradictory or two-faced (another duality aspect)
~ can get stuck if they don’t feel they can express themselves
~ can silently suffer ~ can lose interest in tasks, projects
~ manipulative
~  inconsistent, unpredictable, non-committal!
~ can be difficult to work out or pin down
~ emotionally hard to read or aloof, which can be frustrating
~ can get distracted
Does that sound like  you, or a Gemini you know?
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