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When I looked into the energy of early June recently upon writing angel messages that I post weekly on my blog and daily on Facebook, the theme of light came up. Then, when I looked at what popped up for June in my 2013 You Tube Reading (Part 2) which I had made months ago, it also mentioned that an aspect of this month is about us coming out of the shadows and into the LIGHT, seeing ourselves, things and our lives more clearly. I love synchronicities.

This morning I was reading an excerpt from the book I am currently reading: Emissary of Light by James Twyman. I paused to reflect on the page that very simply explained what many of us are discovering – that each of us are embodiments of Divine Light and have the natural God-given ability to not only be conscious of it for ourselves, but also to extend it outward to others. However first, we must go about a process of ‘unlearning’ all the illusions that have so far been feeding (or rather fooling) us.

So putting this all into context, we are guided to see that light within each of us. You can visualise a powerful light within you growing strongly luminating outwards like a bright beacon. Then see this light expanding even further outwards and reaching anyone who is in need. Send light to people and places in the world who are going through rough times. The angels are asking us to do this every day or as much as possible, it only needs to take a moment. So if you could take that moment now, and for the rest of your day, you will see how your light greatly impacts not only yourself and your energy, but also others around you. You can add this simple practise to your daily spiritual routine.

Also, remember to see the light in each person, no matter what they are otherwise projecting, even if it is in complete discordance with you. A part of this wisdom is knowing that only love is real and that ultimately, love heals fear. I know this is hard to do when someone has crossed you the wrong way, especially repetitively, but it cant hurt you to try and at least do it for yourself instead of harbouring and carrying around anger, resentment or thick, dense energy. You can quietly send people ‘love and light,’ like those drivers that get in your way, and then go about your day in a more peaceful way.

Always remember that  love dissolves fear, so send love to all. Try it, you may surprise yourself no matter how grumpy you might be :-) This  is so effective for bullies, angry people, and negative energy of all kinds.

Okay, so what other guidance is there… June is also
about seeing the bigger picture, and building a foundation for ourselves. It is a full reminder of the power of praying and forming positive intentions and affirmations for yourself and outwards from there (much like the ‘light’ exercise). Your clarity, focus, love, light, positivity and drive really can play a part in transforming the world. Never doubt the power you have and the part you have the potential to play once you step into your own power and see yourself and the world for what it really is once you’ve peeled back the illusive layers.

And don’t forget the powerful force that expressing gratitude can be. Even when we are going through hard, challenging times, there is so much to be genuinely grateful for. Start with your family/loved ones/friends, your home, the trees, flowers, birds, sunshine, favourite belongings,  music — whatever it is for you.

This month there is also a lot of healing energy around issues of money. We have abundance coming from the fruits of our labours and intentions. For some people it all seems to be coming together – so make sure your mind is clear and your are well rooted  and cleansed in your lower chakras. Also, being a mid-year time as we approach the end of the fiscal year with taxes, finances coming up is by no coincidence! So as we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, we gain a new clarity and freshness for the next part in our journey. And you will feel clearer come you get your papers and finances in order.

by Natalia Kuna, Intuitive

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