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Theme for the Week: I am feeling and seeing an emotionally vulnerable week for people. There is a sweep of collectively unsettling energy affecting people. It might bring up old huts and pain, or you might be connecting with global disheartenment because of world events and sad human or social/political affairs. Be comforted in any way that makes you feel secure, nurture yourself with words of wisdom and comfort through reading or listening to inspirational/supportive shows such as teleseminars or online media. Otherwise you can nestle under your blankets, sip warm tea or soup, or go out for walks amongst the trees. You will find that trees have such healing and grounding energy as well as ancient pure wisdom. They are so embracing and have a language of their own almost. Try connecting with and observing trees. Sit up against one, put your hand on their solid, beckoning trunks.

Furthermore, we are guided to firstly see the light within each of us. Visualise the light within you growing strongly  and stronger, and then expanding outwards. Send light to people and places in the world who really need it. The angels are asking us to do this every day, it only needs to take a moment. You can add it to your daily spiritual routine. Also see the light in each person, no matter what they are otherwise projecting, even if it is in discordance with you. A part of this wisdom is knowing that only love is real and that ultimately, love heals fear. The your divine love radiating outwards (and also inwardly for yourself of course, for it must start with you) has the power to heal many. Love dissolves fear. Always remember that and send love to all. Try it, you may surprise yourself no matter how grumpy you might be 🙂 This  is so effective for bullies, angry people, and negative energy of all kinds.

Mon/Tue: The beginning of the week is about emotional healing, especially with regard to your parents, relationships or your own children if you have any. You may find yourself reflecting on the past, your childhood, or any old or current parent issues. These might be coming to the surface for process, healing and transmutation. If you find yourself feeling sad, lonely or needing comfort, lean on someone close to you or a friend. Be close, accepting and compassionate with your children or anyone in need. At the end of the day, anyone who has done you wrong didn’t know differently and they love(d) you as much as they can/could. they have had to endure their own pain and suffering, which also is processed in the after life – so that applies to loved ones in spirit most definitely also.

Wed/Thu: You may be feeling alone, isolated, different, unheard or unnoticed. Lean on nature,  animals, Spirit to guide and comfort you. Know that you are perfect just the way you are, and all is happening just as it should be. Do not be hard on yourself. Focus on staying grounded and comforted in whatever way you connect with. read a book, snuggle up…

Fri/Sat/Sun: Whatever thoughts are going through your mind, questions you may have, uncertainties, insecurities, stress, concern or complexities/overwhelment that may be webbing your precious being, let them all out, give them to God/the Universe, throw it out of your own energy field so that you are not so consumed and absorbed in stifling ways. Writing it down can also help and placing it in a special box. You can also visualise placing notes in a basket and asking the angels to take them away to God for healing, answers and transmutation. Ask, as you go to sleep as well, for answers to come and to see what nuggets, ideas or inspirations you might get upon waking, or throughout the following days… The angels are also saying to pay attention to your dreams, keep a journal/notebook by your bed and record any dreams you have, examine the symbols and meaning. This will help you process, heal, develop your psychic abilities and connection to the divine cosmos and also they are saying (channelled):

“We plant seeds of awakening in your dreams. As you sleep, much healing occurs, and through all the pain you endure in not only this life-time on earth, but also all the myriad of others, collectively you absorb all the aspects, fragments of this lifetime and past, that make you feel disconnected or at a discord – and we go about healing them and weaving them back together as you sleep and through your journey in the karmic wheel of life. We also send whispers in your ear to guide and uplift you, one step at a time (they were wanting those 5 words to be extra boldly highlighted to you) so your spirits can once more soar ahead and your heart move forwards to better days and nights and clearer visions in all of your celestial and human ‘bodies’: mind, body and soul, the trinity of each individual here on earth and then ultimately, collectively as a whole.”

Man, I just typed that so fast, I could barely keep up with it as it was coming through, you should have seen the typos, lol. Ive gone through and fixed that now. They also remind us the power or journaling and the written and spoken word for both ourselves inwardly, but also outwardly to those around us and then furthermore in the world – whoever your communities are.

Have a great week, let me know how you go and if you have any relevant questions, thoughts etc.


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