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Theme for the Week: Wow, well so much, from intention, abundance and acknowledging of accelerated motion; to sensitivity, chakra clearing, advice from powerful Archangel Metatron, and a reminder of the act of writing and its symbolic power. Read on to see what I mean…

Mon/Tue: Patience is called for early this week as you watch your seed grow. Do not forget to place loving attention, focus and care onto that seed and all seeds in your life that you are wishing to grow, succeed and bloom. Visualise your dreams, projects, anything you are wishing to manifest, blooming into reality like a beautiful white flower opening up safely and readily into the world. This is also a good visualisation for yourself and your own awakening, expanding and reaching out to the world. Know that it is safe to do so and you are protected by a powerful force. Allow yourself to be all you are with integrity, pride and limitless abundance and creative expression.

I am drawn to the left hand representing receiving energy and healing. So this is about placing your focus also on allowing yourself to receive all the goodness and abundance of the world, as well as healing energy. All you need to do is ask, and the angels/universe will help you. Also as a side note:  if you feel like dressing a little differently, allow yourself to tweak your hair style; adorn yourself with curious, ethnic, tribal, sacred, colourful, expressive or meaningful jewellery and accessories etc. Also work with the cycles of nature, the moon and find balance in your life.

You may be feeling extra-sensitive, which happens to us at times. So honour yourself and your true feelings, be kind to yourself, rest and take care, and take note if you get affected by energies and emotions.

Wed/Thu: Things might seem like they are in accelerated motion right now, like they are turning up a notch or manifesting into reality in quickening speeds. Know that the universe is indeed speeding up in momentum and vibration. This is about you finding your place in the world, keeping centred in full faith of what is lying ahead so majestically.

Take moments to go outside at night and look up at the stars, allow their power and arcanic mysteries to empower and guide you. Connect with not only their omnipotent presence, but also their greater wisdom. There is a sense of your wisdom and maturity too, as you acknowledge where you have walked and the huge, profound wisdom you have gained along the way.

This is a most profound time to keep your thoughts in a journal, note down your ideas, impressions, any experiences and nuggets of wisdom that come your way. There is much power in the written word and expressing your innermost thoughts and any outlets of creativity. They are saying (channelled):

“There is magic in the wand of the pen. keep writing as a token of your metamorphosis and gesture of your grace. The hand that writes is the doing force of your body, the outlet, the giver. Give freely with this hand of the written word and creation and watch as the words that appear form a fire of passion, meaning, and healing in your life. Let the pen burn as do your passions, and get back to that divine creative force that guides us all.”

Fri/Sat/Sun: As we enter June at the turn of this week, we have a specific focus on money and prosperity (as you will see in my June Newsletter of “Awakening Spirit”: www.nataliakuna.com/newsletter) It’s about burying well your dream as a seed, as if it were a cocoon, all safe and nestled in comfort as a walnut in its shell. Plant is well, nourish it with positive words and focused healing and intention, and the healing growth properties of water and the sun, and in full recognitions in the seasons and cycles of life, watch them grow.

A great reminder this weekend to clear your chakras by envisioning each one as bright, clear and open. You can call upon Archangel Metatron to help you wit this. He is offering this service to you, as he ways that: “Humanity needs it right now.” This is to do with the shadows, negative media and world energy, and by clearing your chakras, it is like it cleanses your shield which can also get dirty. So right now he is pointing out the symbolic analogy of dirty window wipers of a car with fogged up windows that have a lot of built up dirt and grime. Thank you Metatron, this is a perfect analogy to keep in our consciousness as we approach things day to day. Just as we brush our teeth, hair and shower, so to do we need to do energy sweeps and cleans. I am so excited by this message, as I know that this most simple advice will go a long way, especially for empaths, but also anyone who is starting to become aware, awake, conscious, or curious that there is more to earth, life and self than meets the human eye. We in fact have a more raised eye that sees the truth, and this is what needs to come out from behind that deeply buried, closed shell…

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