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Note: Thank you for reading my angel messages and channellings from Spirit…

Theme for the Week: The angels wish to remind us the beauty of manifesting your dreams. Like an never-ending river that flows, so do your dreams and your journey in life. Hold your dreams close to your heart, as they are an expression of what is real. It is not a fantasy of your mind to be shafted as mere ‘kids play’. Anything you dream or believe is a creation waiting to happen. As your desires burst out from their seams, remember that you have the power within you to make them happen and to ignite the flame not only of your desires, but also the flame in your heart that burns ever so strongly and truly eternally. There is much flow in the journey of life when you let go and throw your wishes out into the universe, fully believing with your heart that they are real, tangible and activating at this very present moment with magic, fire and creative verve. So get to your drawing board and set your dreams free. Wild, untamed and true, those flashes of inspiration act as powerful embers lighting up the night sky with their magic, passion and radiance. Don’t give up your basket of dreams and instead focus on them with unwaivering attention and intention – then watch as they dance, sing and come alive with a spirit of their own that burns with the fuel of creation which is your imagination. Do not dis-count’ imag-ination’, as it is really ‘images in motion’ when you step into the beat of the creative cycle that re-enacts so whimsically and yet profoundly the ever-running reel of the sacred cycle of life. Wow, thank you angels, thank you Spirit, for empowering us with such powerful words. It is my intention, that they inspire you to greatness. Your affirmation:

“My dreams are real and they spark with the embers of creation. Their flames burn bright and my heart sings with joy at their pure, vibrant realisation.”

Mon/Tue: Early this week we contemplate choices and decisions in our lives. If you were to draw 7 columns going down on a fresh piece of A4 paper and label each one as follows: Love Life, Health and Healing, Finances, Family & Home,  Spiritual Self, Work/Career & Sense of Purpose, and, ‘Me Time’, how would you fill in each category? Do you have balance in your life? What needs healing? Are the choices you are making honouring your belief system and values, are you going against the grain or smoothly in flow with your needs? What areas and items are needed for improvement, and what is working really well? Take the time to really think about this and write with truth stemming from the core of your heart. Pause and be firmly rooting when making choices in your life. Open your heart to love, and let your heart be the deciding factor for all choices in your life.

I would like you to take a moment, and close your eyes… Go to the core of your heart. Feel it. Feel its warmth, truth, emotional haven and cave, wisdom, beat. Now, imagine it opening up safely, It is safe for you to feel your heart. It is safe for you to open your heart generously to yourself, your loved ones, friends, community and the world. Visualise it beautifully, powerfully expanding and filling up your whole body. Now, you are living, breathing and seeing with eyes of love. Make all decisions and greet all people in this heart-space and you will see an intuitively peaceful, blissful change, welcome in your life.

Wed/Thu: If you have read my May Newsletter ( http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=f31395da4ffabd0730601288a&id=330151dfe0 ) and 2013 videos, you will know how much I have talked about ‘spiritual union’ – it is coming up again now mid-week. This is about expanding your view to a sense of unity, harmony, togetherness. It is about ‘coming together’. Are you ‘butting heads’ with your partner, projects, people around you, or are you ‘in sync’ and in the flow… This period is about heart healing and also connecting with your own Higher Self. Know that you carry an inner light that has the power to guide your own footsteps, as well as those around you or in your care (such as children). You can make a difference and your light can shine far. Lets take a moment to send love, hope and peace to the world, or any people, places or situations you feel need it, both around you and also far away. Your words speak volumes and so do your prayers, so focus on the power of positive prayer for your self, your intentions, your family, home, life, situation, and wherever the world needs it right now.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Take a moment to become aware and in tune with your solar plexus, which is the energy centre around your navel (stomach area). How does it feel. If you close your eyes, what shade of yellow is it? Is it pure, large and vibrant, or clouded, grey and icky? Do you feel good, free and easy, or clenched, sick and sad? Send light and healing to this region, envision taking the pure, radiant, healing sun and placing it in your navel. See its rays shining and expanding through your body and out into the world. Are you having health or weight issues in your stomach?

Time to let your stomach be your guide. It houses your intuitive power and strength. It helps you have courage and surety. Affirm just how strong, valiant and capable you are as you ride on into the forest of life. Wave your flag proudly and give yourself a pat on the back, as you are about to cross over a road, celebrate or embark upon that next step – so take it with strength, honour and grace.

Look with in you and see the deep, beautiful, abundant storehouse of knowledge, wisdom and life experience you have embedded in all those walls and crevices. Always look deeper when facing any new experience or choice, and remember that you are a radiant beam of light with so much power and  potential.

Feel free to let me know how you go with this guidance and where you are at in life and your spiritual journey.

By Natalia Kuna ~
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