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This is a highly spiritual stone representing truth, psychic wisdom and enlightenment. If you feel drawn to it you may be going through a powerful period of spiritual growth (or about to). The deep royal blue colour to me is so powerful and evokes feelings of  Atlantis as well as the deep blue sea. The stone often has golden flecks in it also, adding to its enigma and worth.

Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone for the star signs: Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra and Scorpio. It was highly valued and used by the ancients, including the Egyptians. Eons ago lapis lazuli was also referred to as ‘The Philosopher’s Stone.’  It activated self awareness, enlightenment, and profound spiritual development. 

It is known to help open the third eye and stimulate the pineal gland. So if you are seeking higher guidance or wanting to activate and develop your intuition, channel or communcicate with higher realms and your higher self, then this stone will be a powerful ally. As a water stone, it can be used for emotional healing, however do use with caution as you will need to be prepared to work through any emotional issues that may pop up to the surface.

This crystal will bring about truth, mental clarity and allow you to see things past the illusion. It will also help you accept yourself and your own beauty, divinity and connection with all. Being the colour of the throat chakra, It will help you be crystal clear and true when communicating with others and voicing your opinions. By focusing on the chakras with this purifying  stone in meditation, you will open them up and cleanse them.

You can also use this stone in meditation to improve psychic connection and power / ability.  If you have a lapis lazuli pendant or earrings, the positioning near the throat (and ears as well as third eye chakra), will very effectively help in your own powers of communication as well as psychic abilities.

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