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Theme for the Week: Much intuition soaring this week, which you will see as a common thread in my angel messages below. In fact, the angels just told me its like a period of ‘double intuition’, like two moons shining in all their milky glory amongst a backdrop of a star studded galaxy – let that galaxy come to you and revel in the cosmic revelations that are available for you. Make sure you take note of any ideas, inspirations or words that you get. Keep a notebook and journal with you at all times. Also, beware of any exciting new opportunities or doorways/gateways opening and coming your way. Be happy as you see your life change and evolved and celebrate you gaining a deeper awareness. Are you finding yourself to be more idealistic, valiant, motivated? Take time to also rest and respect your inner wisdom as they yield you such yielding resources to come. You are birthing and act as a receptical to great wisdom and feminine as well as universal truth.

light comes in male

Mon/Tue: Are you giving birth to your dreams right now? I know that I am… I feel its a period of ‘cooking’ – what do you have cooking in your pot? Is it a good hearty stew with lots of colour, spice and substance – or is your pot empty? Time to add all the flavour and ingredients into your dreams. A recipe cannot be realised without taking the steps. There is a reference to Mother’s day still in the ethers, the maternal feminine energy is very strong right now, and as an event, Mother’s Day acts as a strong symbol and celebration of ‘creation’, so it is a reminder to our consciousness of how we nurture and then give birth to not only babies but also our dreams and other goals/projects. 13 is very prominent this Monday, being 13/5/13, and if you add up all the individual numbers of the date, you get the number 13. 13 can represent the divine feminine, goddess energy, and also the secrets of the universe. No doubt there are other meanings of the number too, but I feel it is a very divine number indeed and I feel a lot of creative energy around it, especially this year and during this intuitive birthing period we are currently in. Pay attention to Divine Inspiration, novel ideas, awakening moments and experiences, what Oprah calls ‘aha’ moments, epithanies… Angels are telling me there is light not just at the ‘end’ of the tunnel, but ‘beyond’ it too!! So much depth and wisdom coming out from the shadows and veils at the moment, so stop, listen, breathe it in and learn. Also, as a carry off from Mothers Day, enjoy the childlike wonder that children and relaxed, content people bring. See yourself soaring off to the sky in bliss, wonder and reverie.

Wed/Thu: Continue that sense of awe-inspired reverie of the wonders of the world, as mentioned for Monday/Tuesday. It’s a time of heightened imagination, inspiration, creativity, awe, wonder, reflection and intuitive power. Intuition often comes forth so naturally in those moments of reverie and quietude. Connect, soar and savour every moment. It may be an emotional time of reflection for some, and there might be some astrological, solar, natural earth cycle or energy connections with this. But a lot of water energy can bring about healing, depth and artistry. Some of you might feel some old ‘binds’ or ‘entanglements’ might be loosening. Celebrate and honour this change! Look for balance, comfort, romance, relationship togetherness, self-snuggles, and enjoy any events or invitations around this time. Your cup is being filled with new experiences and light.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Notice, trust and give rise and rebirth to your INTUITION which is very powerful this period and also as a theme for this week and May in general. Feel it rising, surging.  The angels say: “The key to your heart opens all sorts of doors to the horizon, if only you look within you will find the magic and answers you seek.” So feel the magic and wonder of this time as you go through cycles of change, enjoy and connect to these natural rhythms – also females with your natural birth and menstrual cycles, and the cycle of the moon. As it is in transience right now, between new and full, so are you. So notice, and pay attention to that analogy that the angels are giving, as well as the divine rememberance that the moon also represents our intuition. An affirmation for you which I am channelling directly in this very instance from Spirit on behalf of your guides:

“I am truly guided, protected and inspired in all ways. There is an answer for me as I greet each new door and open each window. The sun always shines on even my most solumn day, and in my inner silence I and meeted and greeted with joy, harmony and creative solutions. I shall greet each day with bliss and gratitude, for in those moments I am wild, true, and free.”

Say this to yourself often, write it down, savour each word, and add words of your own. I am also guided to remind you to keep a journal, keep being inspired even by the most simplest thing, write it all down, and keep a memoir of your experiences, as you will fondly and deeply look back at this time later on and see just how far you have cone. There is something so sacred and meaningful, birthing and releasing about the writing process! Let me know how you go!

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