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Please find below intuitive guidance for Taurus for May. I have broken the month into three parts:
Beginning – There is the potential to feel more contented and at peace. You may even feel abundant or in touch / sync with the abundance of the universe. There is a sense of things flowing and a happy home life, with some success or completion of goals/projects.
It is like the full circle coming around and a greater sense of stability / groundedness. If you are not feeling these things, then that is something you can work on manifesting /attaining.
On a romantic note, call upon Archangel Chamuel to help you with your love life / soulmate relationships.
Middle – You may feel more busy or that you have too many competing goals, projects or things to do / deadlines to meet. If you are feeling conflicted, prioritise, knock off what you do not need, and if possible go with what brings you healing and peace.
Careful not to spend too much time on details and watch out for how you approach and communicate with others. Avoid conflict and drama at all costs, and if you find yourself falling into that trap, maintain a sense of peace and centredness. Find your own moments and ways of healing and retreating away from the ‘chaos’.
It’s feng shui time! This is a good time to also clear your space and energy around you.
End – There is a lovely finale towards the end of the month with the resurgence of love in a relationship, or perhaps falling in love or feeling more ‘together’. For others you may feel a newness in your home / workplace / career or actually relocate.
This is an amazing time for spiritual growth and enhanced intuition, however stay attuned to the cycles of the moon. There is actually a full moon around the 25th, and moon cycles comes up in the cards, so pay attention to how you are affected by the moon, take note and learn for future months ahead.
Taurus – Make the most of the energies and your more attuned observations. Awareness is key. Move with the cycles. I am hearing:
                                                                               “The key is change”.
A Note About this Astrology Series: I will be writing about one star sign every month (relevant to that month). I will also be giving specific intuitive guidance / angel messages for that particular star sign that month. If you would like to receive this in your inbox, it is part of my free spiritual newsletter “Awakening Spirit” – you can subscribe here.
Please feel free to comment and let me know how you went with the guidance.
Written By Natalia Kuna ~
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