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Born: April 19 – May 20.  Sign: Bul l Element: Earth  Birthstone: Emerald  Ruled by: Venus, therefore beauty is important  Part of Body Ruled by Taurus: neck/throat – this means the propensity to get the cold/flu, cough, thyroid issues or have communication issues.  Best romantic matches: Virgo, Capricorn

Positive Traits:

  • Good at completing goals
  • generally placid
  • practical, productive
  • devoted
  • loyal
  • dependable
  • strong sense of duty
  • reliable, stable, steady
  • committed
  • focused
  • honest
  • habitual
  • patient
  • generous
  • a great friend
  • sensual
  • stability-oriented
  • financially secure/minded
  • work hard
  • Motto: ‘steady wins the race’
  • well respected in the workplace
  • have a need to feel secure
  • good friends
  • often love staying at home
  • enjoy the good life: eating, entertaining, being pampered

More Challenging Traits:

  • stubborn
  • can get attached or possessive in relationships
  • can approach relationships slowly & methodically
  • indulgence, greediness
  • don’t budge from their position/view
  • dogmatic
  • resist change
  • don’t like new ideas
  • Once angry, they are a raging bull
  • prone to anxiety

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