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Do you want to be the surfer who misses the good wave?
In fact, I decided just now to look up some surfer jargon and have fun with it making analogies between riding the waves of the expansive ocean with our omnipotent ascension journey. Here we go:


ACE: To be alone, in a solitary state of mind.
Yes I know we can relate to that, some more than others (especially empaths and star people). Sometimes we have felt isolated in our aloneness, however at other times it has been a sacred powerful time of introspection, reflection and powerful wisdom.

ACHE; ACHING Description for how you feel after being rag dolled, worked by a bomb or after a physically intense session.

I have to laugh at this one, yes we can relate! After we’ve been through a huge roller coaster wave of emotion and exhaustion this is how we can feel.

AERIAL When the wave your riding sends your board above it into the air. An advanced maneuver that involves taking off from the lip of the wave, travelling some distance in the air, then (in theory) landing back on the face of the wave and continuing the ride.

Well this I would analogise with those who are possibly vegan / vegetarian, well prepared for upcoming energies, centred with open crown chakras, communicating with their guides, angels and various higher dimensional beings of light, those who have been meditating and connecting with both their higher self as well as Mother Earth and the greater universe and star systems.

AGG To go crazy.

Yes we have shamefully been there (lol).

AGGRO Always aggressive

Been there too!

AIR Anytime a surfer and their board leave the face of the wave to become air borne.

Astral travellers and those who have profound outer body or near death experiences, consciously or in dream state.

AIRDROP A very late takeoff when the surfer drops through the air to the bottom of the wave.

When you are caught unexpectedly and seem to be the last one to ‘get it’. When you are rock bottom.

AKAW!! Something surfers shout when they spot a huge perfect wave, or when they are shocked or surprised.

When you are in that state of ecstacy and bliss, when miracles and blessings abound, the moments of expansion, awe, awakening, awareness, connection. An epithany of enlightenment, when you realise a big shift has happened or you are moved to a higher level of consciousness and vibration. When you are on a roll, in the flow / vortex.

ALIHAM Totally hot surfer chicks.

Goddesses in touch with their Divine feminine and who  have overcome self doubt and low self esteem. When you have bloomed. Maidens, butterflies that have broken out of the chrysallis.

ALLRIGHT DUDE Radical wave man….lingo for doped up water head logged surfer.

Hippies. Crystal scouts. The forerunners, system breakers, peacemakers, love junkies, naturalists, psychadelic generation, those in the jungles, mountains, caves, communes….

ALOHA (uh-LOW-hah)A Hawaiian word used in place of hello and goodbye.

Love and Light!

ALOHA SPIRIT 1. The spirit of a true hawaiin surfer. 2. Traditionally from the Hawaiian way of life preaching peace and fellowship to all..currently used by surf weasels to mask their kookdom.

Lightworkers, meditators, prayers, healers, Buddhist monks, unity consciousness group facilitators, world healings and prayer organisations / events, peaceful activists and light grid makers.

AN EMMA Term for an ultimate hot surfer chick.

Totally Divine ultimate goddess such as Venus.

AXED Hit by the lip of the wave leading to a wipeout.

Yes we have been here too. This is when you are totally knocked out and have those dark days and nights of the soul. A sudden plumage. Depression, fear, isolation, exhaustion, not seeing a ‘way out’.
Wow, well I have had such  fun with analogising surfer jargon with spiritual ascension and we only got through the ‘A’s’ – I think I may  continue with some more next month, we’ll see how we go!!

All surfing terms and definitions were sourced from: http://rippinh2o.com/dropzone/surflingo.shtml
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