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rough sea RF These new age times we have the luxury of living in (yes, despite all the pain and suffering there has never been anything like this particular period of rebirth towards enlightenment) have been full of a series of “shifts”. Like undulating waves, we ride high, then crash and burn.

We have to learn the art of sailing along, making use of the wind, riding with it rather than fighting back, shielding ourselves from the storms and rapids, keeping our minds on the ball by not being afraid of turning tides or intimidating sharks lurking seemingly at every corner, not to mention keeping ourselves in ‘balance’.

Up and down, across and side-waves, there have been wave upon wave, shift upon shift, storm upon storm, tide upon tide. I have certainly learned (the hard way) to go with the ebb and the flow of it all. Resistance to the natural rhythms will only set you back and make it harder – it’s not worth it! And letting go is not easy for a lot of us spiritual beings living in 21st century human bodies.

Some people actually refer to “the” shift (as in one), however there have been many. Perhaps you can use the term “The Shift” in relation to your most defining moment of awakening or change in your life towards spiritual purpose and sudden knowing.

The angels told me a little while ago:

                                                        “Sift as you shift and head from rift to raft.”

(I find that they love to play with words and rhyme). Read the words slowly and pensively and you will come to your own conclusion and see how they relate to you. However for me the ‘sifting’ relates to the filtering process of karma and ridding of all excess illusion that no longer serves us as it rises to the surface. The ‘rift’ represents the hard side of ascension where we feel like we are splitting open, cracking and even reaching breaking point…

We find the fissures in our lives or selves and we become fragile, vulnerable, turned upside down as our views of perfection, illusion and all the veils we or society have created  break down, open up in full view or completely fall apart. We might even have those defining moments where we realise without fail that we will never be the same or view things a certain way again. That’s the magic -the rainbow that we are all looking for and that will almost always come after the grand fall to the pits of seeming despair…

A rift can also represent a break up, tension or separation between people – partners, family members, friends – it could be physical or just a metaphorical stand off between views, values, acceptance and different ways of being. A clash.

Interesting to note that a rift is also a shallow area in a waterway. For the purposes of our analogy this could signify when we feel that we don’t have much room to move, when we are drowned out, feeling shallow, like a fish out of water or out of our depth – thrown to the surface or feeling like we are being left to fetch for ourselves. A rift can also be that scummy backwash and rough regurgitation of a wave that has broken upon a beach – and that’s often how we feel after a giant shift or situation that knocked us back.

And of course the ‘raft’ is our lifesaver: our guides and angels who are ever so faithfully there to give us a loyal helping hand and catch us when we fall; comforting, guiding, inspiring and re-directing us in the ‘right’ direction or next turn. It is also the outcome of a shift that started or became tough and rough  – there waiting for us without fail is a raft at the end, a rebirth, a new beginning, even if we are sailing into the depths of the unknown.

Wow, well this has proven to be very profound advice from the angels and I am again amazed how by divine inspiration, intuition and creative guidance churns out – this has all come together so wonderfully through a kind of metaphysical metaphorical exploration. And reading back on this now after doing the May Reading on video, I can see that I am exactly where I need to be inwardly, intuitively and creatively – perhaps they are all one and the same…

As we move towards this “New Earth” we hear about, our own vibrational frequency is shifting and raising along with the planet. We have had to adapt, recalibrate, restructure, readjust – sometimes very subconsciously, and at other times on a divine, elevated conscious level. I have found that I have been swimming somewhere in between during all these fluctuations. Sometimes you are prepared, centred and ready. Other times they hit you completely unexpectedly and by surprise, knocking you back like a sneaky ripper of a wave that you didn’t see coming!

Sometimes there are mega amazing waves – tubes, tunnels, green rooms that will bring us such bliss and awe, then there are the ones that throw you about like a rag doll and leave you wondering which way is South, what happened to North and what’s the point of it all?

For more spiritual ascension analogies to waves, oceans, surfing, see my next post coming soon: “Riding Through the Waves Fearlessly.”

By Natalia Kuna ~
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