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MOTHER’S DAY is upon us this month – the perfect time to not only celebrate mothers, but also women in general – all those of us who are nurturers, care-givers, breeders, doers, acceptors, gracious givers, listeners, nurturers, healers, artists, cooks, creators…

Mary & Child Crystal ChildHAPPY MOTHER’s DAY – coming up May 12th!!!

If you are not a mother, what is it you are birthing (or have birthed ) in our life? Perhaps a project, goal or dream? Is there an aspiration or urge such as painting, writing, or even a birthing of a new you?

It is time to honour the divine feminine within us all, including in males. This month take a look at how you are in touch of your femininity and divinity and whether it feels balanced. Are you expressing your true self? Are you respecting yourself enough to say no, minimise the ‘demands’ upon you, and find time for creativity self care and nurture?

In May we are called upon to embrace the transformation upon us and step into a greater inwards knowing and state of awareness.

I hope that you value yourself enough to honour the spiritual union of your human self with your higher self. May the month of May bring you knowledge, wisdom, unionship, trust, growth and a more blissful, realised healing.

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Thanks for reading, and look out for my next blog on May energies, which includes some written material, angel messages/themes, as well as my May Reading on You Tube.

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