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spiritual union - angel tarotMAY 2013

The card for May is ‘Spiritual Union’. This represents a unity or coming together between two aspects. Most notably it is about uniting ourselves with our ‘Higher Self’ which some people call the ‘Over Soul’. This means bridging ourselves with the Higher Wisdom that is available for us and is inside uf us, and being more fully balanced and in touch with higher realms of consciousness. It is about being one with and merging with Spirit, becoming more spiritually centred, strong and whole – it is a commitment to the process and to ourselves.

It can also represent the uniting of two souls whether that be romantic / relationship / soulmate / twinflame, parent / child, or perhaps even a work partnership. It is about your seeing your own unique identity, standing and strength as you stand by someone else. Who or what is this other aspect for you?

The sense of unity, bonding and equality in this card brings into mind the notion of equal rights, unconditional love and acceptance – this has actually been a greater social issue in recent times (for example with gay marriage rights activism). So it calls upon us to look at our own lives. Are we being equally and fairly treated? Are you feeling a sense of equality in all partnerships or spheres in your life? Do you feel accepted for your beliefs? What needs to change?
There is also the dual aspects of the feminine and the masculine (we all have both within us).  Time to think about whether you  are balancing your giving and receiving? Have you been giving too much? Are your scales tipped over or balanced in all areas of your life between work, play, home, family, spiritual and self? What needs to balance out for greater harmony, peace success, happiness and tranquillity in your life?

Perhaps you have a project or dreams that you haven’t quite felt aligned with. Visualise it ‘coming together’ and ‘bridging’ so that you can feel firmly rooted in its reality. It really is such a powerful card. Look deeply into it and see what meanings you get for yourself and your life.

Okay, here is the You Tube video I made for May. It has other information in it (read further below):

 Here’s the themes that were mentioned in the video:  

Withdrawal, inner reflection and meditation, looking inwards, prayer, opening awareness, opening crown and third eye chakra (blooming like a lotus flower), spiritual growth, a deep sense of knowing, inner wisdom, shielding, financial foundations, your shadow self, belief, faith, letting go, honouring, respecting and commemorating others and yourself, being sure of oneself, emotional healing, a real connection to the higher powers, a developed awareness, the awakening of your inner goddess, letting yourself shine, self care, appreciating your own divinity and expressing it, creativity waiting to be expressed and realised, romantic and universal love and peace, building a financial foundation and setting intentions from a place of peace, sensitivity and shielding one’s energy / auric field, respecting your body.  We are now at the other end of a whole series of shifts. Watch the full moon this month which the angels say will activate your awareness and intuition.

End Note: I can’t believe how the crystal I intuitively chose for May, Lapis Lazuli (which I had already done a week or two ago), is so relevant to the guidance and themes in the May video. It is amazing how Spirit works, and I am constantly amazed at how things come together – it really is about awareness and trust, and May seems to really be about transformation after this long period of shifts and a blooming of awareness. I’ll blog all about that crystal soon …

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