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Ok guys, well May is kicking in with some awesome positive energy – if you can connect with it you will really enjoy that magic and sprinkles that abound. Actually, I noticed in my You Tube Reading for the Month of May, that finally we are coming into a more uplifting period after quite a hard time for so many people. Click here to see that video.

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Theme for the Week: We are entering a powerful period of transformation, experiencing so much enormous change with a clearer view and plate to work with. This is a time of buckling down, getting things done (especially if you got set back in recent weeks or month’s difficult energies). You might be feeling more motivated during this period. I also recommend really clearing things up and working on or completing things before we get boggled down by Mercury Retrograde again next month. So this is about honouring commitments, going for it, being dedicated to yourself,  your tasks and those that matter, and stretching your wings as it is an outstanding time for creativity, possibility, action, freedom and enterprise. Make sure you assert your independence and honour yourself and your callings.

Mon/Tue: Divine passion is calling. You might feel powerful, creative, intuitive, artistic, full of ideas and inspiration. This is time to tap into the true desires and passionate burnings of your heart. Feel the fire within you and let it guide, surprise and delight you with its integrity, action, inspiration and drive. This is a time of feeling more at one with and part of the world and communities in your life. Unity consciousness at its supreme. Give yourself a pat on the back for any jobs , projects or tasks you are buckling down to, attacking or completing – the wheel is in perfect alignment and you are walking a higher path towards enlightenment.

Wed/Thu: You will be noticing an improved situation in your home or workplace. There is warmth and positive intention around the homely or work  life. If this is something that needs working on, this is about setting positive intentions and making homely efforts to create ambience, peace, harmony and clear energy in your home. You can do this by opening up windows to allow air to circulate through for good energy and feng shui, lighting candles, incense, aromatherapy, clearing clutter, rearranging things in delightful way, noticing and arranging things aesthetically, get some flowers, sage your home etc. Say positive words and affirmations about your home, workplace and family. There is a healthy change indicated so enjoy!! On a money note, watch that you do not be too careless, frivolous or on the other end of the scale too cautious or tight. Having a good fiscal attitude and finding financial balance is important. This is a great time to donating to charity, tipping or helping someone trustworthy in need. A time for the potential to make good business decisions – so think about what might that be saying for you.

Fri/Sat/Sun: As the week closes up to an end and make sure you keep an eye on boundaries. Be very clear about setting up boundaries in terms of other people, I am feeling you needing to say ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’ out of obligation or guilt, not letting others step on your toes, and creating some time and space for yourself this weekend to get things done, clear your space or get some projects done or ideas rolling and recorded. This is also about loving yourself enough to say no or be honest about your thoughts and feelings while keeping other peoples feelings and reactions at a distance. Don’t get caught up n energy not of your own and stay grounded  and assertive in your own power. You are starting to have some seeds be really well planted, or you are planting them now, so make use of the powerful energy that will get these eggs cooking. If there seem to be pauses or delays, or you find yourself worrying unnecessarily, choose rather to see that the wheel of life has an abundance of seeds growing and it is turning at just the right speed it needs to even if you don’t feel so. I’m getting a strong message to ground yourself like a sturdy ancient wise tree and imagine its branches branching out with young leaves that you know and trust in your heart will grow and are growing. Trust and let all fears and doubts go. Time for this reflection: what is growing on your tree? Is there anything that needs pruning? What sort of tree are you? Are you letting wind, rain, other weather or energies affect you or are you staying grounded and centred in the potential whirlwind of change, chaos and tempests around you?

By Natalia Kuna ~
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