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For those who have seen my weekly readings before – hi, I am back in intuitive action after Easter Break where I took time off to spend with my children. If you are new to me and my work, hello, I am honoured to meet you. You can find out more about me and my stuff at the bottom of this page ūüôā

Wow, well we sure have been through some testing times, haven’t we. How are you going with it all? Here’s a look at this week:

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General Theme for the week:

You may feel you need some counselling. You can ask Heaven to counsel, guide and comfort you as well as provide you with answers, signs and clues. You may also feel like a counsellor to others – so it is a week of giving or needing/asking for guidance. There is a sense of choices and decisions to be made, you might be questioning which door to go through, or you may have a selection of paths or¬†options before you. Reflect on each path and make a choice with your internal wisdom rather than outer mind. Do not be afraid to set some boundaries for yourself and say no when you want or need to. Time to see what you feel is an ‘obligation’ or ‘chore’ – is there anything in your life you resent doing or are afraid to drop off or reduce? Are you harbouring guilt or the future potential of guilt based on the choices or decisions you make? I think its time for an internal talk and inventory/overview. When you take an honest look at things¬†your life and schedule¬†will become clearer and more focused on what really is in alignment with yourself an your true spirit. Get rid of anything that truly doesn’t serve you, reshuffle and reorganise, even if its something small. If there is anyone you need to clear the air with, now might be a good time as you don’t want to harbour this energy.

Breakdown of the Week:

Mon/Tue: Understanding your true power and the power, magic and eternally true meaning of love and how we and things¬†are all connected is truly is our greatest lesson. Anything not of love, or coming from a place that is not of love, will just hold us back and send us down side routes or a downwards spiral. Open the book of love in your heart. Use the power of your heart. Do not be afraid to heal, trust in and open your heart. Come out from beyond the shadows and the hiding. Seeing others and the world through eyes of love brings great peace, acceptance, beauty, harmony, realness.¬†The¬†book comes as a symbol to remind us that we go through our¬†own learning in life through karmic lessons and what¬†we have experienced on our journey. Are you¬†looking at the book with eyes of love, understanding, acceptance – or¬†are u only viewing the shadows – the shame, hurts, pain, regrets? Is your book wide open, or closed shut, locked, or close to your heart – is trust an issue for you to address? Trust in yourself? Trust in others? Time to shine light on your inner and outer world and how¬†you view it as well as people around you. Don’t be afraid to shine a torch on the truth of the matter.

Wed/Thu: It is important to be mindful of your energy at this time. There has been a lot going on in the world. time for some ‘angel therapy’: Shield, cleanse¬† and protect your aura, and be mindful of who is around you and how you may be affected by their energy. Regularly ask Archangel Michael to cut all etheric cords around you. You can also do this for your loved ones. This frees you from any old un-serving attachments or destructive behaviour/response mechanisms/patterns. You can ask Archangel Metatron to clear your chakras (energy centres) also, or do a chakra clearing meditation.¬† If you have any questions about cord cutting, clearing, shielding or being empathic etc, post here. The angels are saying that once you are shielded, you will be able to see more clearly too. This is also a message about what you are hearing/viewing on media about recent events. Do not believe all you see/hear. Hold a lamp up to the dark an trust your own inner knowledge. There are illusions that abound, so use your wisdom and discernment and if possible, reduce the amount of exposure¬† to negative world events. They can trigger fear on a mass scale which is the opposite of light. So light a candle, focus on peace, truth, healing and justice unwaiveringly. There is ‘more than meets the eye’.

Fri/Sat/Sun: Time to lift up your energy and express yourself through singing and dancing. Awaken your sense of livelihood, your energy your sense of humour and verve. Get out into nature, go barefoot in the grass, be around trees absorbing their beautiful,¬†wise, grounding energy. Be free, let loose. Time for a positivity diet. Stand up firm and take charge of your thoughts. Say ‘cancel, clear, delete’ if you catch yourself saying or thinking¬†anything negative about yourself, others or things that come up in life. remember the key that we manifest our thoughts and with all the world happenings this is a timely reminder. You can also clear yourself and your path by asking the angels to cancel the effects of any negative thinking from your past. Thank you angels for this guidance. Also keep your eye on your target.

If you would like to see an overview for April or for the year 2013 (where I give a general outlook as well as a month-by-month look), check out my videos on You Tube.

Have a beautiful week! Namaste!!

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