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Smokey quartz is well-regarded amongst crystal users, healers and psychics as a powerful protection stone. It will cleanse your aura and astral body. It is the kind of protective stone that you can use as a psychic shield. It very effectively draws out negative energy (such as from psychic attack or negative emotions).

Smokey quartz works to transmute the negative energy into positive energy. It wil elevate you into a higher state of being, calming you down and clearing away sadness or depression. In this way it is a great tool for healing and transformational.

You can also use it for grounding yourself. It will help you gain a higher wisdom as you remain grounded yet aligned and connected with your Higher Self. It will help you reach a higher state of consiousness while remaining centred and calm. So in this respect it is great when used in meditation.

This crystal relates to one’s root chakra and as such is a great detoxifier, drawing out toxins from your body. It also aids in balancing your body, reducing fluid retention and helping your adrenals.


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