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Astrology looks at the otherwise mysterious connection between the planets and life on Earth. It has been known about and believed in since the beginning of time. Unfortunately because of our long human history; the squelching of ancient knowledge by negative people/beings in positions of power and control; and the growing focus on science and technology; astrology (amongst other modes of esoteric knowledge and ways of being) lost its appeal, believability and exposure.

What is the main idea of astrology?

The idea is that there are energy patterns that form between other planets and Earth. These energies in return grossly affect humans both individually and as a collective consciousness .

We have all heard of the 12 star signs that are said to represent personality traits of people born during certain dates (the zodiac, astrological reports etc).

Most of us have taken a look at ‘the stars’ for the day, week or month to see what is forecast. Some people do just for fun – it has become a form of entertainment like fortune telling, and you will find astrology columns in many mainstream magazines and newspapers. Some people test it out and feel the information to be ‘freakishly true,’ and others have a deep sense of knowing that there is truth and wisdom on it.

We are now reviving these traditions and bringing it into a wider perspective that embraces more expansive new age thought. Many of us know intuitively that we have a deep connection with other planets and energy systems on many levels.


More than ever we can see how the astral magic of astrology fits into new age spirituality. The new age is all about bringing back old ancient truths with new insights and energy, and astrology really does form a cosmic bridge between the ‘heavens’ and ‘earth’. More than ever, we are taking an interest in planets, energy and science.

I truly do beleive that there will come a time, in the not too distant future (if not in our lifetime then in our children’s), when we will have proof that the stars and planets (celestial bodies) are inter-connected with us more than we could ever realise. There is so much more meaning and resonance than mere ‘interpretation’ of how their movements affect and impact our human lives. We are, afterall, made up of the very same stuff as stars:

“Your physical presence is made up of the same stuff that makes up the stars. That’s right, the stuff of dreams – twinkling, magical, beautiful, light-filled stardust!” – Wayne Dyer

We are stars! And there are many who beleive that we are star-beings, having soul origins on other planets. This, in fact, is presented as a ‘truth’ known by the ancients – and signs of this thought system are found in many caves and ancient artefacts / sites including the mysterious pyramids.

I will be adding more information about astrology and the various star signs throughout the year. So stay tuned!


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