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Well 2013 came swiftly into action after the big December 2012 build up. I don’t think anyone realised how much it would ‘hit’ us!

The energies of March definitely caught us by surprise. We had a powerful equinox, more solar flares, mercury in retrograde and an intense full moon. Not to mention a very deeply felt play between ‘light and dark’ which arose a lot of stirrings ad unsettledness in sensitive people.

A lot of things came up to the ‘surface’ for many!! That really is the best way to describe it. It is very comforting to know that you are not the only one who has been going through such enormous change and emotional upheavel. Many people had their confidence shaken, self esteem challenged, physical body knocked out in some way, and emotional stability shattered.
In my April You Tube Reading, the angels told us:

“Stop and breathe, for tiresome you may feel from time to time with all the swaying emotions… It’s okay.This has been a difficult journey. There has been a lot of grief and emotional upheavel. YOU ARE WONDERING ‘WHEN WILL THIS END? WHEN WILL I HAVE A BREAK?’ ”

I know that these words would have spoken to many who have gone through difficult and challenging times that left us feeling so drained, wary and wrought. The angels reassure us that it is all about releasing. For some of us, we may have felt like we have already released, and yet more fragments have come up to be cleared, like residue and falling debris (though it may feel more like carnage, lol)

No longer can we sweep the past of our deep-woven woes under the carpets of our lives. Strong energies have made our carpets be shaken and our fragile, complex, interweaved tapestries dissected. The dust has now risen and we cannot escape it. Our carpets are being turned upside down, inside out, and wrang from all directions. They have been aired, cleared, watered down, stormed on and ultimately restored to their former original glory, authenticity, purity and intention.

That is the process. So whenever you are going through a shake up, remember not to fight it.

Let it flow, let it show, then let it go.

Acknowledge the pain, validate and visit the memory, forgive what or who is needed (even if that is yourself), and genuinely thank the deep karmic lesson. It has obviously come up for a reason. If you can come to that place, then it is a given that true healing can occur.

Once you have really (truly) cleared the pain or old patterns of behaviour and reaction, then you will not so easily be ‘triggered’ as things come up in the future. You will have more peace in your heart and you will choose to view the situation with love, compassion, wisdom and a higher acceptance rather than anger, resentment, sadness fear, retaliation or drama.

No longer will the memories act as set-backs, as you have formed a bridge and chosen to view things from a higher level.

As humans we are emotional beings and that has been one of our greatest challenges.

Haven’t you been waiting for this day! All I can keep saying is HANG IN THERE!!