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Aries is actually the first sign of the zodiac. That is why you will often hear that Aries are natural born leaders! I am proudly an Aries myself, what a great way to start off my new astrology series!! Is anyone else out there an Aries? I can feel that there is!! I’d love to hear a comment from you. If you are not an Aries but know someone who is, then read and see how the info relates.

First of all, we’ll look at what Aries is all about – the nitty gritty from the endearing personality qualities and then to the flaws and set-backs.

Aries are born during: 21 March – 19 April   Aries Sign: Ram   Aries Element: Fire  Body Part: Head (makes Aries susceptible to headaches, head colds and having a busy mind in general)   Ruled By: Mars

Aries Positive Qualities:

~ passionate (fiery fire sign)
~ natural born leaders
~ pioneers
~ ‘action’- oriented
~ love challenges
~ ambitious
~ irresistable
~ charming
~ intriguing
~ seductive
~ adventurous
~ exciting
~ playful
~ creative
~ spontaneous
~ inquisitive
~ enthusiastic
~ optimistic
~ determined
~ risk takers (can be positive and negative)
~ sympathetic
~ highly independant

Aries More ‘Challenging’ Qualities:

~ impulsive
~ impatient
~ headstrong (putting it nicely, lol)
~ jump in head first
~ risk takers
~ often start projects but do not finsih them
~ can spread energy around too many things rather than concentrate on one thing at a time
~ can get easily bored & frustrated

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