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Well low-and-behold the main card to pop up for Aries in April is a fire card! Anyone who knows an Aries knows that they are a fire sign and are all about fire and passion! The 7 of Fire in the Angel Tarot (by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine) represents the 7 of Wands in traditional tarot. This card is all about keeping firmly grounded amongst challenges. It is about trusting ones gut and bravely stepping forward. If there are battles to be had, then choose them wisely and best to keep your energy reserves. You may have to stand your ground and defend your beliefs or decisions this month.

Have strong vibrant colours around you such as red this month to really step into your power as you will be riding your own dragon and charging forward in an empowered way.

Okay, so now I have broken the month into three parts:

Beginning – It will be important to surround yourself with positive people and situations. Cultivate, maintain and be sustained by positive energy. Avoid negatvity at all costs (this also goes back to choosing battles and conflict wisely).

Middle – Worthiness issues may pop up. If you find yourself suffering low self esteem or questioning yourself, know that you deserve good for yourself and in your life. Recognise and celebrate your own true value. Let your birthday spirit rise your from your self dabotaging.

End – Wow, well through all this fire, positivity harnessing and questioning about your self-worth, there is a bright, magical end to the month where extra sparkly energy is here for us Aries, surrounding our situation. So stay positive and expect miracles to happen! Open your mind and heart to the magic! Try ‘feeling’ the energy around you.

Thank you and more angelscopes shall be blogged each month. Next one is Taurus in May