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hands up to sun power RF - 123rfTheme for the Week:

The law of attraction has been waving its flag and teaching you a lesson. It may have taken you this long to step into the flow, or really get a grasp of just how your thinking creates your outcome. As you float through this process of realisations, epithanies and clues, you might feel like things or people that you were previously attracted to don’t hold a light for you anymore, or, you are ready (or nearing ready – and beware of creating your own delay tactics or procrastinations, Mercury is not in retorgrade anymore ;-] ) for a new slate, new opportunities, new experiences which are more fulfilling, heart-centred and true to you and your Divine personality.

Have you felt that you true spirit is emerging? have you felt any frustrations in feeling like you are the only one opening up or questioning things?

People will still be awakening (each in their own time), and you are opening up like a buttercup, which can make you vulnerable and sensitive. Remember that there are many avenues to each truth, so keep this in mind when it comes to not only yourself, but others too. At the most part, learn to be ‘aware’ of subtle (and not so subtle, lol) energies. The Angels are saying: “You are gaining a new awareness of the energies around you. You are harnessing a new approach to life. You might feel raw with emotions but at the surface old tears are being wiped away and being replaceed with a refreshing new face, like the cleanse of a summer rain.”


At this time of clearing, awakening, opening up, preparing, tuning in, it is important that you shield and cut all etheric cords that may be connected to you as unhealtghy attachments. These can be anything from family members to old partners, friends, co-workers, former experiences etc. Ask Archangel Michael to cut away any cords of fear that you may be holding too. Visualise that giant sword hacking away the cords in a giant sharp powerful swoop. You will feel clearer for it. Beware of any old patterns re-emerging (anything from poor eating habbits and addictions, to the way you approach or deal with certain relationships). Affirm you are cleansed, pure and vibrating on a high level, rising past any surface difficulties, illusions and anything not serving your Highest Good. Refreshen your approach to anything not working for you.


As you feel a bit freer and more cleansed, you will be ripe and ready to notice, accept and walk through any new doors opening for you. New ventures look good. Also a reminder of the importance of looking after your body and stretching. Go slow and peacefully and you will get more done. Love yourself to say no to any person, commitment or duty that you really dont wish to do. Be in charge of your own time and energy. Imagine shifting away any demands that feel heavy to you. Turn them into a big portable block or wall of cement and shift ot out of the way behind you and separate from you. Continue to work and focus on your clarity and keeping your energy and body cleansed/clear. There may be some reflections of loved ones in spirit emerging and this shall continue to do so around the Easter period. Regardless of what happened, know that the deceased person loves, accepts, forgives and is with you eternally. Their own road to forgiveness continues in the afterlife as a major theme, so the channelled message they send you is:

 “Forgive and let go, you are not doing yourself justice by holding on to fear, pain and woe in your heart. Be free of it now and seek peace in your life. Hug your children and rejoice in their innocence and beauty. Life was not meant to be so cruel and harsh. Keep things simple and remmeber to love. Know that it is okay to love and accept love in return. We are here with you forever and you will know this when the blanket lifts form your soul as you cross from this life to the next. God bless you always, forever and amen.”

Whether or not you have a loved one in spirit, please take time to cherish each word and feel the truth of it in your heart. Form a sanctuary that you can retreat to whether it is inside of your own spirit and soul or a space you can physically be in. Either way, having sacred time to yourself is vital.


We have a clear delineation between what was and what will be as we experiences the present ‘now’. The road ahead may feel fluffy and uncertain but you are well-guided, rest-assured. I feel your guides with you and standing by you as such a strong ever-presence. They will to (re)assure you that they are indeed there right near you, watching your and helping clear the way. They carry torches of light and wish me to retell a dream I once had of my guides. In this dream I was hesitantly walking down a rugged cliff. One at a time, both female and male guides would appear and take my hand, helping me, one step at a time. At another time I dreamed of my guide handing me a glowing torch to show that they are always there and THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.

So anyone out there feeling destitute, please picture your guide or guardian angel taking your hand and retreating with you to a magical space of sacred stillness. Let them just be with you and reassure you that all is okay. They are saying: We are in a dream within a dream. it is okay, it is all a dream. You are right. This life is not so ‘real’ as it appears to be. In its mysteries lies its magic. And blessed are those who seek magic in the light of their day. Abundance is on your way. Things are looking good. They are looking up. Time to make long-term plans and see that there is a road before with many intertwining alleyways.Let the fire of your dreams and passions that burn within you (even if it is just a torch for change) and see it burning victoriously. Let it guide your way.

Thank you for your ears, may you each have a blessed week!

Natalia Kuna
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