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rough sea RF

Well what a week we have just gone through! Did you feel extra sensitive or strange? It certainly has been a full-on ride and all we can do is hang on, try to be gentle with ourselves, and like a wave we are uncertain of, ride it through.  

Theme for the Week:

Sensitives have really been feeling things and will continue to do so. This is a time where I feel that everything feels ‘heightened’ . If you feel like you have been literally ‘wandering aimlessly,’ or even mentally or emotionally, you will be feeling your body’s rhythms changing, fluctuating, or feeling ‘uncertain.’ You may be feeling dishy washy, unclear or abit unstable, like things are in a ‘jumble’, or that you need to get a hold of yourself or feel more grounded, solid, stable. You might find yourself thinking “What on earth is going on?”

I am drawn to form the analogy of animals reacting strangely when they perceive something, yet acannot work it out or understand it. Like birds flying in all directions appearing disoriented ot alarmed; or sea creatures doing the same in the water.

The water is continuing to be an element of great influence at the moment. It is coming through in the cards, and in my intuitive sense of knowing. It just came to my mind also that since Mercury is currently in retrograde in Pisces (for the rest of this week), perhaps that’s something to do with it too – not only the influence of the retrograde (and trust me, Ive sure experienced that), but also Pisces being a water sign. This might explain also why we have been in ‘waterworks’ mode – very emotional, teary, fragile, sensitive. Water as an entity/element represents as I said last week the great ‘unconscious’ – we are still feeling this deep sense of ‘knowing’ that something is going on, something is feeling different or ‘in process’ yet it can be hard to put your finger on it. The angels are advising us to just keep going with the flow. There are great things happening, shifts and changes that may seem unfathomable with our human minds, but they are happening. We are raising our vibration as a planet, and with that our bodies aare adjusting to maintain, allow and if you like ‘calibrate’ these vibrations.

Water also represents creativity and intuition. It is signifying for us to look into the depths of our souls and draw out our artistic nature and also innate sense that we ourselves are ‘creators’ and can create not only wonderful expressions but also anything that we wish for in our lives. We are constantly creating and evolving. There will be time this week for you to reflect upon this and just pull out your easel or dreamboard and create. The angels are saying:

“In the flurry find peace, joy and tranquility in creative pursuits. do not focus on the flurry but rather the pursuits…”  So what this means is to try, as much as possible, to not get pulled in or distracted by outside or other sources of energy that do not nurture and support us. Instead focus on what is real, true and exciting for you. A great time to gently put your nose down and make the time to focus on your dreams and visions. They are saying:

“By putting your nose to the grinder you are eliminating the chaos and squelching the fears that invade and evade your aura, consciousness and psyche if you allow them. Time to stop allowing in the negative and time to bring in the positive through your natural gifts and talents.”

I just know that these words will speak to certain of you out there. let them fuel your fires and pave your way. Angels:

“At  the very least these are practical and comforting words of wisdom that speak to your heart and help the fragile human mind get through the seemingly constant marshes of what you perceive as a chaotic world around you.”

Turn ‘heightened’ to ‘brightened’!

A new person may come into your life, or someone from the past or that you havent seen for some time. Pay close attention to what messages they may be bringing to you, or any indicators of how much you have grown or changed. Look out also for any new opportunities – youve dreamed it now dont miss the boat, and watch your fears with that. You might feel like delaying or procrastinating. Have the attitude of taking leaps of faith and walking through any portals that become available for you, they might pop up out of the blue. Dont question your readiness. Go for it!

There is an indication of the start of a new phase BREWING, and you will be feeling heightened emotions, sensitivities and psychic abilities.  Ground, ground, ground so that you are centred and connected to earth rather than floating too much upwards (this is one of my biggest challenged).


I feel you ‘hanging on tight’ either to yourself, your dreams, your feelings, or your money/possessions. You may be feeling shrewd or cautious about money or business decisions. It is a time to make good solid decisions about money, career, business. Also it is  a good time for tithing (giving money to charity). What you give out comes back to you and you will reap the returns later. I keep getting the word ‘harvesting’ and ‘laying down the foundations for the future.’


 Mid-week we have good news about money matters. Good luck or an increased sense of financial security. We have been quite concerned with the lower chakras which represent money and ‘earthly matters’. You may have been wanting to ‘take things into your own hands’ (I’m repeating what I am hearing). You may be feeling like you have been wanting to achieve something, do something more challenging, or commit to study of some sort – learning new information to help educate or further you in some way. I see sparkling light around this, indicating that it is a great idea and you are being divinely guided with this. Also, music plays a role for some people. This is an element of the ‘creative’ drive that is stirring with in you (as mentioned in the ‘theme of the week’. Follow these stirrings and enjoy the magic evolving along with your own spiritual path. I am getting that you have the potential to be ‘weaving magic’ into your lives through your creative-ness and the very act of creating (art/what you want/dreams/ideas/inspiration etc).


 You have a strong innate desire to move on. This long search for something more meanisgful and substantial in your life is continuing from last week and has been deeply embedded for a very long time/. I am feeling that all of these feelings are ‘coming ot the surface’ now. It is like it is all coming out from you and does not want to hide inthe depths of the ocean and the ‘unknown’ anymore. This is a very deep period of spiritual and emotional GROWTH. Embrace this as there is a driving force behind it and light is shining on your dreams. You are ascending and evolving into a truer, freer person – closer to the truth of who you really are, “away from the shadows, disguises, fears and illusions of yesterday” (angels talking). We are near.

Thank you for reading my weekly guidance, have a beautiful week. Share with me your stories and how the messages might resonate with you. Join me on Facebook where I regularly frequent. Best wishes, love and light…

Natalia Kuna ~

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