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Have you been eeing the numbers / time sequence 11:11 ?


Many of you have been seeing the time / number sequence 11:11 for quite some time now.Recently I awoke in the middle of the night with intuitive wisdom trying to get my attention. I got that the number 11:11 is agateway of consciousness”~ those were the exact words I received.Spiritually aware people know it to be a kind of activation code or signal if you will. The number 11 represents a gateway like a kind of inter-dimensional portal allowing us to instantly expand into a higher consciousness.

It is by no coincidence that we are seeing this number. It is all designed as part of the awakening process. It acts as a reminder of our infinite connection with Spirit and how powerful the universe works behind the scenes. It is a captured moment of time wherein Divine synchronicity and magic is manifested.

Any time you see the number 11:11, know that with all the 1 numbers in the combination, it is like an instant, powerful gateway being opened up for a short moment to manifest your desires rapidly. I always pause and put all my intention and attention into positive thoughts about what I wish to manifest in my life. It really feels like a magical moment! Seeing it kind of stops you in your tracks.

It is interesting to note that at precisely 11:11 am on 21st December 2012 is when the galactical alignment happened!!! To read about the 2012 Prophecies (which has information still relevant to now) see my article here.

So funny, just as I finished writing this, I looked at the time of a recording I
was switching off, and it said 11:11!!!

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