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Larimar is known as “The Blue Stone of Atlantis”. It has a strong connection with the dophins.
The angelics are bringing it forward. Larimar raises our consiousness as we ride the ascension wave, and can be used to connect with angels and other realms.It is a very soothing, calming and uplifting stone that heals, balances and de-stresses people and environments. It carries a kind of healing essence of the sea and sky elements. These properties allow it to balance out our
intellectual thoughts (represented by the sky/air element), and our emotions (sea/water element).I can see how larimar is the perfect stone to aid us in our growth at the time being, after coming through some emotional intensity and karmic clearing.

Its beautiful shades of blue not only hark back to Atlantis, but also signify the throat chakra. hence this stone aids in communication. By strengthening ones emotional body, we can start to speak from the heart with greater confidence and conviction – allowing the ‘voice’ of our inner wisdom to be freed and heard, as well as maintain healthy ‘boundaries’ – in this sense it is a helpful stone for healers and empaths.

It is a crystal that evokes Goddess energy and the Divine Feminine – the perfect stone for 2013 as we start to really access, awaken and embody the Divine Feminine. In its own gentle way it brings about empowerment and support as we become more balanced, healed, powerful and spiritually evolved.

As we release our emotions, we find strength in an awakening, or re-birthing feminine power. Infact larimar can be beneficial in pregancy and those suffering any form of post-natal depression. This is a stone of self-care that facilitates self-love and nurturing,as well as connection to Mother Earth at a deep, soulful, feminine level.

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