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Here is a quote from Yucatec Maya Elder Hunbatz Men regarding the significance of 2013: 

“According to the prophecies, in the year 2013 the first stage of higher understanding will begin. If we are willing to
work with our subconscious, we will then be able to reclaim the information that has been impregnated in the deepest parts of our being. In this way, the ancient knowledge will rise again.”

I feel this is very much aligned with the ‘kundalini rising’ – the snake coming from behind the mountain! This will be a year of great, groundbreaking advancement and discovery in technology and scientific findings. It is a year of
developing ones education and knowledge of both the inner self and the outer world. It is about developing a more ‘conscious awareness’ if you like. In a nutshell it is a period of great growth.

2013: A ‘6’ NUMBER YEAR


All the numbers in 2013 add up to the number 6 (2+0+1+3=6).

Last year we had a ‘5’ year which indicated grande change and transformation. Looking back now, how
did that implement in your life?This year, the ‘6’ vibration brings about peace, love, family and unity. There is a sense of ‘togetherness’ and even
predictions of more love relationships and births!

This year brings great luck in business ventures and is the perfect time to ‘move forward.’

I really feel it is a postive year to build the blocks, take action and stay strongly grounded in your intentions. This year things will flow more smoothly if you stay in the awareness mindset and do all the spiritual work.