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sea light

The theme for us this week is a deep, deep sense of wanting to move on, or move forward, yet feeling trapped or bound by seemingly engulfing outer circumstances/conditions or other ‘limitations’ represented by inner anxiety, fear. This also be felt physically through exhaustion, fatigue or other symptoms that many of us have been going through in relation to the intense energies affecting the planet and our human bodies. Also there is the sense of the deep ‘unknown’, the deep ‘unconscious,’ represented by the vast, largley unexplored depths of the omnipotent ocean that seems to sway and affect our lives.

The angels are saying:


This is our lesson to learn. It might not seem do-able completely at the moment, however it is something that we are in the process of learning for ourselves. It is a way to ‘show’ us. So let this idea be a seed you plant in your mind right now that will serve you well as you continue along your spiritual path. And have faith. Trust in God and the universe. Trust and belive in yourself, as I am feeling some self-doubt and fear.

You may be searching for something more meaningful, more substantial, more deep. I am really feeling this word ‘deep’ right now, for I feel that we each have inside us deep yearnings for more. It is like we KNOW there is more, we feel it yet we cannot quite grasp or attain it, or it might not feel like we can have this on a permanent basis. Perhaps you feel it is fleeting and question: “Can this be for real?” “Will I ever reach that destination?” “Will it ever be like I dream or or feel I deserve?” Some of you may even be falling into sadness, depression or wells of emotional pain or, a feeling of emptiness.

Remember, dear Ones that this is a time of extreeeeeeme emotional and spiritual growth. EXTREME! That is why things feel so insanely intense, hard-core. “How much more of this can I take?” you might ask yourself.

They are showing me a visualisation for you that you can incorporate into meditation, and also it is something you can do physically and effectively while in the shower or pool/ocean (though it suits cooler rather than warmer water, if possible).

Let the depths of the ocean be our Spiritual Guide and theme of thought this week. Feel yourself being cleansed and healed by the powerful properties of sea water…


Feel strong, powerful  bursts of healing, cleansing, sacred, energetically blue-printed sea water washing or hosing your down so powerully, like a giant thick hose or blast of cool ocean water and foam. Like a high-resonating, high-vibrational, pure, clean, clear, magnetic downpour. Feel the sensation of this omnipotent water element. Smell the sea salts and the sea air, soak up the minerals and natural healing properties. Feel completely utterly cleansed. Envision white light from heaven beaming through this powerful healing water. Imagine the angels, God, Jesus, or whatever being or form of universal life energy force you wish, showering you with this Light. And then, once you have done this for as much time as you need, let yourself float, rest and be still – be absolutely still  in the water .

Alternatively you can envision a giant downpour of magnified crystal clear, pure rain upon your skin. Envisage soaking it up and feeling so cleansed and renewed.

Now, let’s have a look at how the week will play out for us and remember, take what resonates and let it feed your soul. We are all on a different life path:

Mon/Tue – The ‘ego’ rares its head. This is about that sense of ‘entrapment’ I talked about above. The sense of false limitation, caged-in-ness, muffled-ness. You may feel blind or blindfolded in that you cannot quite clearly ‘see’ the future. This might be bothering you to extremes. Some of you are ‘bottling things up’. You may fall back into ‘old’ tendencies of worrying about money, fearing how you will make ends meet or live your dreams. you may fall into a well of negative thoughts based on fear. Things may feel foggy, blocked or ‘unclear’. Rest in the  idea that we will soon break clear and free of this ‘cocoon’. You may feel like you are trapped in a bubble, so I woud like you to envision the angels ‘popping’ or ‘bursting’  ‘your bubble’ and filling you up with powerful cleansing energy. Rest when you need to as you will need to feel restored.

Wed/Thu – You might have negative or self-centred thoughts about money or possessions. You might be becoming overly cautious, tight or controlling, You may ber acting out of fear. The angels ask you to relax your thoughts and feelings about money, career and earthly possessions. I feel there is a connection here to our lower chakras which are more focused around ‘earthly concerrs’. Ask the angels to help you clear your lower chakras. You can ask Archangel Metatron to place his powerful merkaba/ball of light over all your chakras, clearing and healing them. Watch out for any tendencies, patterns, addictions, habits or mind thoughts / actions that you might fall into.

Fri / Sat /Sun – We are still dealin with earthly thoughts, feelings and desires. I would like you to practise and focus on feeling more grounded. Look at, touch, admire trees. Envision large tree trunks grounding you into teh earth. know that the earth is safe and so are you. If you feel like you are going through a ‘pause’ phase, a delay, or a stagnation, know that it is temporary. do not fall into unneccessary worry. I feel you are still in a ‘bubble’ right now, so that is fine. Know that you are safe, protected and that there is much happening behind the scenes. If you feel lost in a whirlpool or choices, rest your mind and take a break. Take some time out and look at each option when you feel calm and centred. See how your body reacts to each option. Follow your hunches. I want to reassure everybody that seeds are well planted and growing, just trust as you would a plant you are watering. The same with Mother Earth. Trust that she is going through the process that she need to which includes purging through the rebirthing. makes me think of the analogy of a woman suffering ‘morning sickness’ as wellas other maladies before the eminent ‘birth’.

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