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Mercury Retrograde


I thought I would write about Mercury Retrograde as it is something many of you have heard about but maybe don’t know exactly what it means or how it potentially affects our lives. Forewarned is forearmed I say!Mercury retrograde happens a few times in a year. The three mercury retrogrades in 2013 are:Feb 23 – March 17 (in Pisces)
June 26 – July 20 (in Cancer)
Oct 21 – Nov (in Scorpio)

It is interesting to note that they are all connected to water signs. 2013 being a water snake year, the element of water is so pronounced. Water represents the deep collective unconsious, intuition and imagination.

The term ‘retrograde’ comes from the fact that the planet appears to be moving backwards as all planets do (apart from the sun and moon). When mercury is retrograde, it is known to signify a period of mis-communication and mis-hap. Computers freeze and play up, travel plans go wrong, things are lost in the mail, mechanics and appliances breakdown. There are mix ups, delays, errors, glitches, confusion and potentially chaos. Sounds great, yeah? It can be very frustrating to say the least.

It is not recommended to make any major decisions, start big projects, sign any contracts, form strict deadlines or begin something new during a retrograde period. However it is a good time to look over details, recheck things, revise, re-organise and repair. Things might come up to re-evaluate or re-do. People might also re-enter your life. So pay attention to see what the retrograde brings for you! And try not to lose your cool.

Let’s focus more on the positive aspects. It is a good time to rest, recover, reflect and reconnect with oneself and others. Relax, incubate, read, journal, be creative. It is the perfect reminder for us to slow down, breathe and not take things so seriously. Also, listen to your intuition! That is what came up in my March video too.

Funnily enough, at the time of writing this, it was the very first day of the first retrograde for 2013. My car cut out and I lost control of the steering wheel and brakes, and almost drove into a church’s office windows (lol) – I can laugh about it now but I was pretty shaken up, upset and frustrated at the time and it made my day at work very difficult and stressful. This was followed by the hassle of putting the car in for service/repair!

Written by Natalia Kuna, Spiritual Intuitive
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