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“The shell must break before the bird can fly.” – Tennyson

Pre-birth, we are nurtured in our mother’s wombs. A bird is cushioned as it nestles in the egg shell so delicately enclosing it, a butterfly prepares to break out of its chrysalis and a flower busts out of its seed. It is by the laws of nature that to be born, we must break free from one state to another, and in that act, it is like a kind of transition, a pause in time, as the process of profound, magical and inherently natural metamorphosis takes place. We leave behind the womb and enter the world-space, take our first breath, open our eyes, and usually cry.

The very symbol of birth represents the start of something new, so I am using this as an analogy to the fear we feel when we are about to experience change. Something in us might make us freeze, become apprehensive, want to shrivel up or hide. Just as an animal senses oncoming danger or a change in weather conditions, at some kind of perceptive level, we might have a sense that something is about to happen or change or you might even fall into an abyss of uncertainty as fear of the unknown completely engulfs you. Then there are the times when we know what is ahead and we may not feel ready or ‘qualified’ to face it.

While a snail might have a physical shell protecting its body, we form our own shells. We create walls, cords and barricades that either make us feel safe and secure, or hide us from other people or situations. Sometimes we go back into our shells when we are fearful of what might exist in the ‘outside world’, so we hibernate, recluse, go inwards.

I like the saying “embrace change’, as it really is saying that no matter what you are heading into, whether positive or potentially negative at first sight, there is always a lesson to be learned and a notch to be fulfilled on our karmic belt so to speak.

So have a look at the shells that you have created in your life. Are you hiding right now or afraid of taking the next steps? Break out of your shell and safely step ahead. Maybe it will comfort you to know that there is a nest there if you need it (the comfort of your home, bed, or a caring person). But at some point, the bird takes its first steps or begins to fly. Fumble while it may at first, you can be sure, that the bird will fly and soar in full flight, independent of its egg, nest and mother. Time to muster your strength and prepare to break free and fly.  Let the angels be the wind that guides and glides your wings, your heart be your compass,  and Spirit be the Source of all wisdom. For God made birds and gave them wings to fly, and so too did he give us feet to walk, a heart to feel, a soul to remember and a spirit to set free.

 “Without, the sun shines bright and the birds are singing amid the ivy on the drooping beeches. Their choice is made, and they turn away hand-in-hand, with their backs to the darkness and their faces to the light.” ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Written by Natalia Kuna,
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