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visiona transecndance


It is time to reclaim and take back your POWER and work on your VISION this week after and during a very INTENSE period. We have a general theme of really being COMPASSIONATE with not only how you look upon yourself but also those around you. You are reminded to see and deal with eyes of love and compassion, even if it hurts. It is the only way your heart can heal and your soul start to free itself.

Emphasis is on HEALING the PAST with light and love. It is about being very gentle with oneself as we have been in phases of great emotional senisitivty and much going on energetically. We have had solar flares and are entering MErcury in retrograde so if machines, computers or any form of communication goes haywire, you know why. Best lesson i have learned is that when this happens, take a breather, relax, go outside, get some fresh AIR, exercise, even a brief walk will do the trick. Its about shifting energy and is a metaphor for you wanting to shift energy in many areas of your life. MOVEMENT is the key. Also in your home, open windows, blinds and doors to let energy flow and not remain stagnated. Freshen up your home and workplace.

Here’s a breakdown of the week:

Monday/Tuesday: Time to really claim back the strong spiritual power that you have within yourself. Build yourself up and take command of yourself, your schedule and your life. Feel the forces of nature and the Great Spirit around and within you, for we are All One. Remember who you truly are and the great strengths you have within,. Focus on your strengths, whatever they may be and see them implemented in your life. I cannot emphasise enough how much the POWER of your INTENTION trule does CREATE your REALITY!! You have the god-given right and power to manifest all sorts of realities in your life. Take the time this early part of the week to regain your power, restone your energy and use it in the direction of your dreams. Take a moment to visualise your desires, seeing, feeling and beleiving in their truth, power and reality.

Wednesday/Thursday: Now that you have worked on visualising your desires (as I mentioned for Mon/Tue), it is time to really open yourself up to receive. Work on your gratitude and faith. Take little steps of action to allow the gifts of the universe to open up for you. They are in the process of delivery if your beleive so. So be open to receiving and clear any issues of over-giving and over-expending yourself. Feel how lucky and abundant you really are.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: This is a period of noticing how much you are changing in terms of your life purpose and career. Either you are desiring a change, unhappy with your current situation, or in the middle of change in some way. Focus on the blessing of this change and let it be the impetus for holding yoru vision and seeing positive results.

Have a truly blessed week! Much love, blessings and magic. for more spiritual insight, info and inspiration throughout the week, join my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/nataliakuna

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