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moonstone pendant 123rfMoonstone is a beautiful feminine crystal with magical healing powers. It not only brings in the energy of the moon, but also Divine Goddess energy.

 It is a great stone to have around you at this time of year or any time you are experiencing or longing for new beginnings as it balances your emotions (as well as male / female energies – the yin and yan) and brings about good luck and positive change. As the moon changes its cycles and is therefore always in a state of change, moonstone also embodies this quality to support us as we experience change or cycles in our life. 
It enhances your natural intuition and psychic development. You can wear a moonstone pendant for example to help you accept your psychic gufts. It is great to use in meditation as well.
Drawing energy from the moon, moonstone helps with you deal with any emotions, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It promotes inner calm, introspective reflection and balance. It is a great stone for empaths or anyone feeling sensitive.
Place it under the full moon to reenergise it and bring it to its full mystical power.
As it is directly associated with the moon it can help with women’s issues, menstruation, hormone imbalances etc (but also helps men get in touch with their feminine side).

Moonstone can also be used as a talisman to help you in travel.
Place it under your pillow and ask it to help  you sleep as well as guide you in your dreamstate.
 Written by Natalia Kuna, Spiritual Intuitive, Writer & Teacher/Coach

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