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Chinese Astrology for 2013:

Year of the Black Water Snake


Chinese Astrology is created using the Chinese Lunar Calendar (which dates from 2637BC). It is formulated by five cycles of 12 years each (that’s 60 years) and incorporates 12 sacred animals and the five elements. In legend it is said that these animals were chosen / honoured by Buddha.Depending what year you are born, you take on various traits / aspects of that particular animal. They say that “This is the animal that hides in your heart” so it is worth reading more about your animal sign! Each animal contains attributes that can govern, influence or affect our lives and personalities (much like other forms of astrology with the planets). Mine is the tiger.

On top of this every year has its own animal signature of what people can expect to happen universally, what to look forward to or watch our for (as there is a balance between Ying and Yang (positive and negative). So this zodiac is said to have profound influence over not only people’s personalities, but also their lives in

The Chinese New Year in 2013 was officially on Tuesday February 10th (incidentally on a new moon), though astrologically it began on the 4th. The animal for 2013 is the very intense archetype of the black water snake.

On the famous date of 21st December 2012 (end of the Mayan Calendar when there was a big shift due to an astrological alignment), I received the following words as I arose in the morning:
From behind the mountain the serpent arises.”
I was so pleasantly surprised to then find out that the animal for 2013 is a snake! That’s the power of Spirit and synchronicity! If you read below, you will see
how it relates to the energies and experiential lessons for us this year.

My Intuitive Impressions


In terms of elements, the snake archetype contains mainly fire, though it also embodies some metal and earth qualities. Because this year it is particularly a ‘water’ snake there is a stark contrast between the strongly opposing elements of fire and water. This to me represents the duality between light and dark as well as other dualities. I feel that for 2013 this is about watching your shadow, as in the contrast between dark and light. You may feel that this is extra illuminated this year as we see the two realities of an older earth and a new higher frequency earth emerging and evolving – so which side will you choose to hop aboard?Light and dark is seen in so many ways in our lives and in society – you can see this in the news and in your surrounds. But on a very practical, yet primal level, it can be manifested in ways such as simply the way you use your thoughts and are aware of higher consciousness. It is about develping the very deep, innate intuitive knowledge that we are all part of one and that Spirit is a force that lives and breathes within us and around us. We are not separate. We are One. This is the Light.

Will you keep your thoughts positive in a way that nourishes your soul and pro-actively uplifts your life, spiritually connect with higher sources of truth, love and wisdom in very simple yet profound ways, or will you fall into ‘3d’ lower reality where fear, drama and illusion reign.

This is about watching how you react to people and situations, focusing on learning from experiences and lessons that come your way, avoiding falling into old traps or negative ways of thinking, being and behaving. Every day and at each moment you have that torch. Do you wish to keep it lit and shining an illuminated path before you, or will you fall into tendencies where in the ego swarms with fear and doubt, plumetting you to switch off the light and live in the darkness and shadows of your mind. You hold that power – and it can sway either way at any moment!

Don’t get me wrong, we are all human and by nature and influence we can easily get side-tracked, down, muffled or miffed. I am by no means perfect and this is not
a lecture. However, so long as we always know that we have that inner light within us that nothing in truth can dim us without our actual permission, then we will have the keys to not only illuminate our own lives, but also the lives of others. And that is the true blessing, the gift, the essence and resonance we are seeking and that is opening up for us now more than ever. Enlightenment is having this awareness. From there, we are to learn or re-learn the tools to keep us moving forward and to allow us to embrace the power, joy and FULL potential of NOW.

The chinese say that the opposition between fire and water can represent either good or bad fortune. My translation of this in spiritual terms would be closely aligned to what I said above. You choose your destiny, but it starts with the present moment. Keep your thoughts and focus on the positive route fiilled with love, compassion, abundance, joy, heart-centredness, peace, balance, alignment, passion, soul purpose and that is what you shall manifest in your life, and ever so rapidly with the incresingly amplified and accelerated energies. You can bring good luck, fortune, success to you from the power of our thoughts, belief and action.

The snake is an animal that represents intuition and action – we are guided to use both this year! Black relates to the water element, and to me there is a really stark symbol of the blackness of water, the void, the abyss the unconscious mind. Ot can also represent our emotions as well as a sense of limitless possibilities. This year, if we focus on honouring and intuitively managing our emotions, expressing ourselves verbally, in written form, personally and creatively, and stepping forward by taking action on our instinctive impulses, then there will be a plethora of manifestation opportunities available for us.

There is also the feeling of fire representing our passion, and water the stillness of our mind and consiousness where guidance, inspiration, ideas can come. Drink lots of water this year to keep your body, energy, mind and emotions open and flowing. Swim, bathe and visit water areas as much as you can. The ocean is so peaceful,
reviving and healing. You can breathe in the healing salt air, release and recharge for optimal levels of vitality and being.

Chinese New Year Customs


The Chinese New Year is a fun time of celebration and well wishes for one another in peoples homes as well as in the community in the form of parades and other celebrations.I think it’s interesting that in preparing for the auspicious occasion, it is custom to give one’s house a thorough clean inside and out in order to clear out any old energy and allow in new positive energy as well as bring in good spirits and fortune. This really does make sense. It is about clearing energy and it is a good practise to do for the new year or at any time, especially when you want to clear out the old in your life and allow for a new beginnning with flow, ease, light, productivity, abundance and joy.

For the Chinese New year, houses are decorated with all sorts of bright, colourful symbolic items such as fruit, flowers, and lanterns. You might have noticed the colour red being prominant. Well this represents fire and is used deliberately as a powerful element that can repel any negative energy. Food is a large part of the celebrations also, and often specific food is eaten, due to it’s symbolic nature. For example, eating a whole chicken (rather than individual elements of it) represents unity and completeness of family. Fish as you are probably aware on a universal level can represent abundance. Even really long noodles are cooked by some as tokens of youth and longevity. I find that fascinating!!

Incorporated into all the illustrious ancient traditions are also fireworks and the popular ‘dancing lion’ help. These customs are designed as sacred rites to clear away or scare off bad spirits and to also bring in good fortune. So keep this in mind next time you witness a fireworks display, like at our New Years Eve on December 31st.It is also a time to remember and pay respect to one’s ancestors. It is an occasion that invokes generosity and gift-giving. I actually teach chinese children and they often tell me stories of how they get gifts of money from elders in the family sich as uncles (and I am talking very generous amounts indeed – in some cases hundreds or thousands of dollars).

What We Can Learn From This


For the Chinese, this period is about love, respect, blessings and good fortune which is why I wanted to write about it. Many of us have lost or not experienced symbolic traditions, customs or rituals. Some of us have through religion or one’s national heritage. But what I have found is that often over the years it becomes redundant or the true meaning is lost. I am not one for superstition, religious dogma or hard and fast rules, however I do like the idea of celebrating through symbolic actions and intentions, so maybe this might inspire you to do something symbolic for the new year, as it is still early in the year and we haven’t got our hands fully on the driver’s wheel quite yet though we are guided to start taking action.I have started by doing a clean up of our home (still in progress), placing some golden yellow flowers in the doorway in front of our house (to represent happiness, positivity and good fortune). You can think about colour, feng shui, the elements and anything that is meaningful to you from your own interests or traditions, as well as anything new that you think of. It is never too late to enact a form of ritual or start a new custom – no matter how simple or elaborate.

This is about stepping into your natural power. Setting clear intentions in the form of ritual is a beautiful way to connect your ‘self’ with mysterious ‘Spirit’ and enter natural states of awareness as well as open up your manifestation power. You really can create what you want in your life (or co-create as they say), as well as banish what you dont want. It is all about intention – a big word for 2013. So go for it – I hope this inspires you!

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