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rose quartz lots -  RF 123

The angels suggest that having rose quartz around us is very beneficial and comforting. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, inner peace, emotional healing, compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance. It is so gentle and has such a high vibration of love that it naturally acts as a protector, warding off negative energy and encouraging you to be in a state of love and light. The Archangel associated with this stone is Ariel.

Rose quartz allows you to both give and receive love and find a healthy balance between the two. It has universal feminine qualities and therefore is very nurturing and great for mothers and children or anyone needing a mother or feminine protection and understanding in your life. It nurtures and protects your inner child, and comforts intutiives, empaths or anyone who is feeling particularly sensitive or vulnerable.

It is a very calming, reassuring stone so makes you feel at peace. It helps you to see the beauty around you and to stay in a more positive light. It can help beautify your thoughts and intentions. If you are going through a period of change or transition, it can help you accept the road ahead and the sense of the unknown more easily.

The angels have just now told me that it “takes away the blues” so I am drawn to encourage anyone right now going through depression, sadness, insecurity, aloofness, isolation, despair, loneliness or grief, any kind of emotional turmoil, distress or sense of inner insecurity to have rose quartz around you.

You can hold it in your left hand, close to your heart, wear it or carry it with you throughout the day. Have it on your bedside table at night or place it under your pillow. Ask your stone as well as the angels to help heal your heart (or any other loving intentions) while you are sleeping. Those of you feeling low in your self-worth would really benefit from this loving stone which teaches you self-forgiveness, peace and trust.

It purifies and opens up the heart chakra, cleaning away old emotional wounds, pain, or trauma. I am just hearing now to use this beautiful stone if you have suffered from sexual abuse or any kind of abuse or trust issues. I am feeling that someone needed to hear that, or perhaps someone you know (if a person popped into your head), so if you resonate you are welcome to email me privately.

You can use rose quartz to draw love to you through its feminine power, whether that mean cleansing and healing current relationships, or manifesting new ones that soothe the heart. It also mends and comforts broken hearts. Also, it is a perfect stone for children or as a gift to friends.

Use rose quartz this month to clear and open your heart, rebirth feelings of trust and self-acceptance, and reawaken your sense of pure authentic feminine self. Let it comfort, de-stress, and recalibrate you to help you tune you in to the new energies . Let it anchor your heart into the heart of Mother Earth. Use it also in meditation for these purposes. Let the microcosm of you unite with the macrocosm of the universe and merge as one. Let it empower you to feel united in Divinity and Light rather than separated or alone in darkness or fear. Let rose quartz bring all aspects of your soul and human-ness into unity, compassion and harmony – the ultimate preparation for the golden dawn before us. Embrace the holiness of this sacred stone as it holds the loving vibration of Christ consciousness and that of other ascended masters.

As you let go of the old and worn and find a new, free self birthing in and from your heart, like a soft lotus flower will you bloom and embrace the power, brilliance, purity and truth of the highest vibrations of light. It will gently support, heal and uplift you as the frequencies of earth rise through the ascension process.

Affirmation: “I safely open and heal my heart. I truly forgive, love and accept myself. My inner child is safe and I am safe. It is safe to love and open my heart to love. I am accepted, whole and have harmonious, peaceful relationships. I AM LOVE.” ~ Natalia Kuna

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