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Tips to Help You Implement Daily Practise with Affirmations

  • Create a whole lot of tactile affirmations. You can handwrite them. This gives them extra magical energy and imprints them with your positive energy though intention. Or you can always type them up (if you do, leave enough space to be able to cut them up into little strips). You can make your own, or use ones that are already out there. I recommend Louise Hay, the Queen and darling of affirmations!
  • Keep a list of affirmations handy. You could laminate it or decorate it any way you wish. This puts your creative energy and imprint into it.  You can get as fun and creative or plain and boring as you like! I find it helpful to compartmentalize them into useful categories such as health, work, self-image etc.
  • Add more affirmations as you come across them.
  • Place affirmation cut outs into a special box. I have mine in an angel box which I treat as a sacred, enchanting object. This adds even more energy into it. I even ask the angels to guide me to the perfect affirmation for the day. Put your hand in, rummage around if you want, and ‘randomly’ draw one. Use it as your mantra for the day. Don’t like it? Try again! You can even grab a few.
  • Make it a morning ritual as part of your preparation for the day so you can start the day on a good foot and have it planted in your consciousness to be mindful of your thoughts.
  • Put affirmations on display in a prominent place where you will see them. Lean them on your bookshelf or dresser, stick them to the fridge, or take them to work. I like to place mine with my crystals or angel statues. Try also pulling a ‘card’ of the day if you have any kinds of oracle cards. They complement each other quite nicely as they are both tools for personal growth and development.
  • Use affirmations as a prompt for journaling.
  • To help you think of your own affirmations, try writing down key areas or words that you want to work on or implement in your life. For example: ‘confidence’, ‘positivity’, ‘relaxing more’,  ‘health’. Now find a way to say it in a positive way as an affirmative statement in the present tense: “I am oozing with confidence”. “My health is perfect and always healing.” “I notice a huge difference when I use positive words.” If you can only think of the issue you are working on in a negative way such as “I’m always broke,” “I never have enough money”, then work to replace it with a positive version such as “I am abundant in truth and prosperous in every way. Financial wealth is here for me now.” Even if you don’t quite believe it, keep saying it and take the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach.

To read all about affirmations and challenging yourself to take up positive thinking, it’s all encapsulated on this page: http://www.nataliakuna.com/affirmations.html

Written by: Natalia Kuna  www.nataliakuna.com    www.facebook.com/nataliakuna

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